3 Cool Tattoos for Girls That Preserve Femininity

3 Cool Tattoos for Girls That Preserve Femininity
Cool tattoos for girls let you enjoy getting inked in a manner that preserves your femininity. Not all tattoo designs are meant for female aficionados. There are some tattoos that just do not look good on a woman’s skin. Some are either too rowdy and the others are offensive.
Of course, you already know that we are not talking about temporary skin embellishments here. Tattoos will remain on your skin until you get married, have kids and until you can’t stand without crutches so it is advised that you think about the design you will pick a thousand times or more before you head to the tattoo shop.
For those who are still wondering which cool tattoo designs are suitable for girls, have your selection guided by these suggestions.
Floral ankle tattoo
What makes this design exceptional is the fact that it is simple yet it makes a statement. A woman has a tendency to change her mind in an instant. There will be days when you would not want to expose your inked skin. Tattooed ankle is easy to hide. But if putting your skin art out of sight is not on your plans, rest assured that your friends will be awed with this choice.
Angel tattoo
Angels are characterized by attributes similar to women. They are passionate and gentle and always a blessing to others. This can be regarded as one of the best tattoo designs for girls because it is typically multicolored and has a way to put across the image that you want to project.
Different language or text tattoo
If you do not want anybody to have the same tattoo as yours, you should pick text or different language tattoo. You can have anything written on your skin, as long as it is written engagingly. Get inspired by your favorite word, phrase, quote or bible verse to ensure that the text to be inked on you is a reflection of your personality.