3 Easy Long Hairstyles with Layers

Women with long hair often opt to have their hair cut with layer. This is because layers give your hair lots of body and volume compared to when you leave it with just one length. Long, layered hair, however, can be tricky to style, especially if your hair is in an awkward length. You’ll find that there will be difficult times when you style them because some strands or will fall out, some won’t hold up, while some just won’t stay in the right place. In this article, you will find different gorgeous long hairstyles with layers.

long luscious layered hair

long luscious layered hair

Curling your hair is perhaps, by far, the easiest way to style long and layered hair. This also one of the most common long hairstyles with layers. The secret to gorgeous and sexy looking curls is to curl away from the face and not towards it. This trick makes it look like you always have hair blowing on your hair. Go for bigger curls if you’re going for a more sophisticated look and smaller, wave-like curls if you just want something for a lazy day. Add fringes or bangs to your long, layered locks for a sexier twist.

long luscious layered hair

long big curls

If you want a sleek hairstyle that you can don on for more formal events, you can always rely on your trusty hair straightener or hair iron. Straighten your hair until it looks sleek and keep it down for the rest of the event. Parting your hair two and pulling them to both sides of your face will not only show off your gorgeous long layers but will also bring attention to your beautiful eyes.

sleek straight hair

straight long layered hairstyle

If you want to keep your hair away from your face and you want to do it with more style, go for the bump! It’s super easy. All you will ever need for this are a few bobby pins, a teasing comb and hairspray. Take hair on the front most section from ear to ear and secure all the remainder of your hair in a ponytail to get them out of the way. With your teasing comb, tease your hair gently in sections by doing backward combing motions. Give each section a small whiff of hairspray as you go. Once you have all sections back-combed, put them together and smooth out the top lightly. Pin your bump in place and give it another good spray to hold its place and you’re done.

bridal bump layered

long layered pouf

Don’t let the difficulty of styling your long layered hair discourage you from looking good. Try these long hairstyles with layers and you’ll never look like you have a bad hair day again.

cute long layered hairstyle

laidback long layered hair