4 Beautiful and Easy Eyeliner Styles

Often we hear the phrase ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul’ and if that were true, would you not want to have a pretty frame to look into? Framing your eyes can do you lots of good. It can flatter your eye and enhance the shape of it, all it takes is an eyeliner.

Regardless of whether you’re using pencil, liquid or gel eyeliner, the way you frame your eyes can give you different looks as well. Some styles will look casual and natural while others will look sexy and sultry. There are also some eyeliner styles that go well only with certain makeup and a specific look. Below you’ll find some beautiful eyeliner styles that you can try on.

  • Natural – this eyeliner is best used with either just black or brown eyeliner and is perfect for everyday and work makeup. Simply line your upper lash line, nearest to your lashes as possible, once or twice then take a q-tip or a chiseled brush to smudge a little and you’re ready to go. It’s a quick way to make your lashes look fuller without using mascara and your eyes look more awake and alive, especially in the morning. Run a light, single line on the lower lash line for more definition.

natural style

natural eyeliner

  • Winged  Tip – this is on the intermediate level and can take a little while to perfect. To do this, simply extend the line from your outer rim upwards. A subtle winged tip can be worn during the day while a bolder one is perfect for a night out.

daytime wingtip

nighttime wing tip

perfect win tip

  • Cat-eye – a lot of people interchange the winged tip and the cat eye all the time. to clear things up, the difference between the two is that the cat eye requires you to line the lower lash line as well about half way through, sometimes even all the way, while the winged tip uses liner only on the upper lash line. The cat eye gives perfect definition to the eyes and is the ideal eyeliner style for times when you just want to look and feel like a fierce diva.

clean cat eye

bold cat eye

  • Subtle smokey eye – when you want to pull off a smokey eye during the day, the best way to go is to skip all eye shadows and just get on with a black pencil liner. Line your upper and lower lash lines until you have enough color to suffice when you smudge it around. Take a chiseled brush or a q-tip and start smudging the lines gently and dragging the color on to the right places. Run another line or two on the  lash line once your done to redefine the eyes.

light  brown smokey eye

light smokey eye