4 Beauty Treatments to Add to Your Weekly Regimen

Sometimes we all get so worked up about having the perfect flawless skin, the luscious long locks or divine pearly white teeth that we spend most of our time doing things to keep them the way they are and make them look even better. Now, there’s really nothing wrong with that except if you’ve got more important things to do. Being busy can sometimes make you neglect your beauty and you end up looking like you let yourself go for a while. Good thing there are beauty treatments that can help you maintain your gorgeous looks without consuming much of your time daily. There beauty treatments can be done weekly, when you’re free from work and have time for yourself. Here are 4 beauty treatments that you can add to your weekly regimen:

  • Deep conditioning – throughout the week, your hair gets exposed to a lot of elements that can cause damage to it. As a result, you may notice that your hair gets rough and dry by the week is over. To help your hair regain its softness and shine and to help it become healthy again, a deep conditioning treatment is needed. You can go to a salon to have your hair deep conditioned or you can also do it yourself at home.

deep conditioned healthy hair deep conditioned locks deep conditioning

  • Facial mask – keeping your skin’s softness and radiant glow can be a challenge if you keep using makeup everyday and exposing it to pollutants. Sure, you may remove your makeup religiously every night after a long day and wash your face with water and your favorite cleanser but even that isn’t enough. There will still be residues on your skin and overtime and that can lead to pimples, black heads and white heads on your face. To ensure that your skin stays healthy and smooth, treat yourself to a facial mask every week and look for a mask that is designed to pull out dirt from your skin.

face mask face mask skin

  •  Foot pampering – if there’s one part of the body that suffers way more than the rest, it’s the feet. You walk on them every day, you strain them by wearing heels, and you stand and put your weight on them for hours. All these can leave your feet stressed out. Sometimes, you’ll even find foot callous on them if you neglect them for a long time. every week, pamper your feet by soaking it in warm water and some essential oil to help soften up dead skin then when it’s soft enough, use a foot file and remove all dead skin cells to reveal healthier-looking feet. Apply foot creams or lotions, too, to keep them soft.

foot soakedfoot soak

  • Body scrub – who doesn’t love body scrubs? Whether it’s the lavish one you get from a spa or just a really simple one while you’re soaked in the shower, a body scrub is one of the best ways to exfoliate your skin and remove the dead skin cells that have accumulated on it over time and reveal the fresh, new and soft skin underneath. Do this once a week so you can avoid over exfoliating and stripping your skin of natural oils that moisturize it.

body scrub treatment body scrub body scrubbed skin