4 Chic Messy Hairstyles

Wearing your hair in a sleek and sexy ‘do will always be stylish and glamorous but admit it or not, we don’t always have the luxury of time to spend hours on end just to achieve the perfect hairstyle before we leave the house for work, school or errands. This is the biggest reason why messy hairstyles have come about. Messy hairstyles are those that get you looking like you just straight up rolled out of bed and headed for the door. It’s messy and nothing close to looking posh and polished but more than anything, it’s so darn sexy! Sometimes, women love the look of messy hair more than sleek, silky hair that they actually ‘style’ their hair to look this way. Here are some chic messy hairstyles that are super easy to do:

  • Messy bun – what woman on this Earth doesn’t know how to put her hair up in a bun? It’s a really simple hairstyle but it’s grown to be a classic. A lot of women consider the bun as their favorite go-to hairstyle because of how easy it is to do and wear. Now, you may not always get your bun to look like ballerina girls’ buns – sleek, tight and ever so shiny, but that’s okay. In fact, don’t even bother because messy buns are all the rage right now! Messy buns are perfect for any casual look but if you wear it with a fancy hair accessory and tame it down a little bit, it would surely look swell with a semi-formal attire, too.

messy bun hairstyles messy bun cute

  • Messy ponytail – looking for something even easier than the bun? Well, look no more because the ponytail is all you’ll ever need (and maybe even want). It doesn’t matter whether you wear a high or low ponytail, it would still look gorgeous when you scrunch up the ends and loosen up the top a bit. Maybe you can also pull little sections out and leave them hanging for a messier look.

ponytail messy blake

ponytail super messy ponytail

  • Messy fishtail braid – if you want a messy hairstyle that’s got more detail than the bun and the ponytail, why not go for a fishtail braid. This is a great idea if you haven’t fully gotten the hang of doing fishtail braids because it leaves plenty of room for mistakes. Tug and pull on your braids outwards after you secure it with an elastic to get it to look messy.

fishtail fishtail braid

  • Tousled hair – this is one of those messy hairstyles that you can do right after you step out of the shower. Simply blow dry your hair until it’s just damp and scrunch on some mousse. Leave it to air dry and you’ll get beautiful and gorgeous looking sexy tousled hair without even trying too hard.

tousled hairstyle tousled hair tousled hair cute