4 Cool Two Toned Hair Color Ideas

Sometimes, when we get bored of our current hairstyles we search the internet and magazines high and low to find inspiration for the next thing we can do to keep our hair up with the latest trends. No matter what hair cut you have and no matter how you style your hair, coloring your locks is the best way to go if you want to have a different look. It may not be total make over for your hair but it sure makes your whole appearance look heaps different.

Deciding on a different hair color that’s far different from what you already have can be difficult. Sometimes, the fear of leaving your comfort zone gets in the way of you getting a new hair color. Being overly excited about dyeing your hair can’t be good, too, because you tend to get indecisive of the hair color you want. For all these problems, there’s one trendy solution and that’s two-toned hair! We have here some cool two toned hair color ideas that you can try when you wanna do something new to your hair or when you just want to stand out from the crowd.

  • High Contrast hair : Ebony and Ivory – a little too extreme for some but the fiercer fashionistas may just pull this off. Black hair and silver / blonde highlights or the opposite will get you looking reminiscent of Cruella De Vil but in the most fashion forward sense. This may look very avant-garde but who’s anyone to limit you, right?white and black hair contrast highlights contrast hair
    black and white hair

ebony and ivory

avant garde hair twotone

  • Bronde – it’s brown and it’s blonde, all at the same time! What could be better? Get the best of both mainstream color worlds to create a new, chic and interesting color. The bronde is difficult to achieve, though, so ask your hairstylist if he’s any good at it or if he can recommend a ‘bronde specialist’.

brown and blonde

bronde hair

  • Ombre hair – this trend is becoming popular not only with hair but with almost everything else. Shirts, skirts, pants, shorts, nails, lips – you name it,  they’ve certainly ombre’d it! The idea behind ombre hair is to let one color fade out gradually into another to make it look like your hair color has naturally grown out. However, doing ombre hair with bold colors is also quickly becoming a trend as well.

fantasy ombre

dark to light ombre

ombre hair

  • Dip Dye Hair – similar to the ombre hair color trend, dip dye hair also allows you to have two-tone colors on your hair. The difference between the two is in the transition. Ombre hair transitions one color into another and  looks well blended in while dip dyed hair is more like having a block of a different  color at the bottom of your hair. With dip dye hair, fading colors in is not necessary and a harsh line separating the two colors are more than welcome.

dipdye green

dip dye green