4 Easy and Beautiful Makeup Styles Anyone Can Wear

Your natural looks are always stunning enough and you know it but there’s just something about makeup that draws women to it. With makeup, you are able to conceal flaws and highlight your best assets and features. You can transform your look and you can creatively express your style. Makeup lets you look and feel more fabulous and glamorous than you already are. This is why a lot of women are crazy over makeup. And, while it’s good to have that one signature makeup style look you’ve mastered so well over the years, it doesn’t hurt to try new ones every now and then. In case you’re looking makeup styles you can wear on days when you feel like doing something different with your look, read on below and take inspiration from the 4 easy and beautiful makeup styles we’ve compiled that anyone can surely wear and pull off.

  • The natural look – if you’ve always done a full face complete with colors and all, the natural look could just be the refreshing break you can take away from the massive amount of products you use. Wearing the natural look could help your skin breathe while still having you looking beautiful as always. To get this look you’ll want to start with a foundation that has sheer coverage so that it isn’t too heavy. Conceal if you must but if you don’t need to, just skip this step. For eye shadow, choose light neutral colors like soft brown, and champagne. Use brown eyeliner instead of black to keep it looking natural. Dab on a bit of light blush and finish off with lip gloss. You can use lipstick as long as you choose a color that’s pretty close to your natural lip color.

natural natural makeup

  • The vintage look – the vintage look is all about class and elegance. This is a look that has been around for ages and it still hasn’t gone out of style. Often, all you’ll need are matte foundation, eyeliner, mascara and a red lipstick to get this look. A strong red lip is always featured in the vintage look which is why you’ll want to keep the rest of your makeup simple and minimal. To get a full-on vintage look, do a subtle flirty wing tip with your eyeliner.


vintage makeup vintage makeup look

  • The smoky look – the smoky look is a great look to wear if you want something that’s sexy, seductive and classy. The main focus of this look is on the eyes so the rest (blush, lips) should remain natural looking. There are lots of ways to do a smoky eye ranging from those that only require a liner to be smudged all around to ones that use more colors like chocolate brown, taupe and black. You can also choose to make your smoky look either matte or shimmery.

smoky smoky eye

  • The healthy dewy look – with the healthy dewy look, you can practically look any color you would like with your eyes, cheeks and lips but natural colors work best. The focus is more on the skin or the face. to get the dewy effect, you’ll want to start with a good moisturizing lotion on your face. wait for it to set and then put on light, sheer foundation and use a pearly highlighter. Remember to get a PEARLY one and not a shimmery or glittery one as those will have different effects. Finish off by spritzing on setting spray.

dewy dewy makeup dewy makeup look