4 Easy Updos in Less Than 5 Minutes

Women today no longer just sit around the house to cook and clean. Women today are more empowered and more competitive, especially when it comes to education and their careers. We get as busy as any other man gets and we also have a lot of things to do and keep up with in order to sustain living the life we live. In this fast-paced world, a woman can only have so much time to fix her hair before she goes out there to conquer the world. So, here are some quick and easy updos that you can wear on any hectic day when you literally have less than 5 minutes to get your hair looking gorgeous.

  • The Classic Bun – what could be easier and more gorgeous that the classic bun? It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s very elegant. When you’re in a rush, don’t even worry about keeping your bun clean and sleek because messy hair is in and if anything, it only makes you look sexier. This is perfect if you’re wearing something casual and would like to dress it up a bit.

classic bun updoclassic bunclassic bun hair

  • Twisted headband updo – copy Princess Jasmine from Aladdin’s hairstyle with this quick and easy updo. To do this, simply take a headband, put it on top of your hair and slightly pull down. Secure with a bobby pin and part hair into two then take one and loop around the headband.  Repeat with other side and you’re done. You may curl your hair the night before to achieve a more voluminous hairstyle.

headband twistheadband twist hair

  • Ponytail with headband – make your plain old ponytail more interesting simply by adding a cute headband to it. Choose a plain headband if you’re going for a more casual look and a prettier and more ornate one if you want to look more feminine and dressy.

ponytail and headband ponytail headband hair ponytail headband

  • Fishtail braid ponytail – if you want something that’s really pretty and easy on your hair, go for a fishtail braid ponytail. This hairstyle is not only quick and easy, it’s also very versatile. You can wear it to the beach, you can wear it at work, you can wear it to school and you can also wear it to special events and parties. The fishtail braid may look complicated but it’s actually one of the easiest braids you can do apart from the traditional three strand braid.

fishtail ponytail fishtail braid

Don’t let a busy day hinder you from looking pretty. With these hairstyles, all you’ll ever need is 5 minutes from your morning prep routine.