4 Eyeliner Colors That Are Pretty Enough on Their Own

Doing your makeup in the morning usually takes up a huge chunk of your prep time and most of that time goes to doing your eye makeup. What makes doing your eye makeup so long is the fact that you have to choose which colors to mix and match with what and then there’s blending to make sure both eyes look even and after that, you have to line your eyes to define them. If you’re sick of having to do so much work with your eye makeup, why not try using just eyeliner on your eyes? Today, lots of makeup brands are making eyeliners in colors other than just the regular black and brown. Here are some of our favorite eyeliner colors that are pretty enough on their own. Colored liners like these usually come in pencil form and most of them are really creamy so you can just smudge the color on all over your lids.

  • Purple eyeliner – purple is one of my favorite color for eyeliner, especially when it’s rich and dark. The reason why I love purple eyeliner so much is because it’s such a pretty color when it gets smudged all over the lids. When done right, you’ll get what looks like an ombre that goes from deep, dark purple to a jewel tone / amethyst color.

playful purple liner pale purple liner look

  • Blue eyeliner – blue is another pretty color to wear for eyeliner. It’s also one of the easiest eyeliner colors to pull off next to the regular black and brown eyeliner colors. Blue eyeliner works best for women with brown eyes because it really brings out the richness in their eye color and it makes their eye colors really pop. If you have brown eyes and you want to make your eyes look exceptionally fierce, you can use blue eyeliner to line not just your upper lash line but your lower lash line and lower waterline as well. You’ll find many different shades of blue eyeliner in the market. Choose lighter colors if you want something fun and different or dark blue shades if you’re not ready to totally veer away from the regular black eye liner.

blue under eye liner

thick blie cat eye

  • Red eyeliner – it may seem too bold for someone who isn’t ready for very colorful eyeliner colors but for those who are looking for an eyeliner adventure, sporting a red eyeliner on nude eyes is a total must try! Make sure to find a shade of red eyeliner that will make your eyes look sensational and not one that will make them look sore from a beating.

warm red eyeliner red eyeliner and lips

  • Yellow eyeliner – whenever I need a pop of color that’s really bright and exciting, I tend to turn to yellow. Be it on clothes, accessories, or even makeup. Yellow eyeliner is perfect if you’re looking for a new way to add some quirkiness in your makeup look. Yellow eyeliner looks most stunning on medium to dark skin tones like olive or even cinnamon. It does work on lighter skin tones but they colors don’t look as bright and exciting.

bright yellow liner fun yellow eyeliner