4 Fun and Flirty but Easy Braided Hairstyles

Braids are an easy favorite among all women. Everyone looks good in braids and they always add a nice texture to the hair when you wear your hair in braids. Aside from that, braids are very intricate and feminine and they add a nice touch of sweetness to any hairstyle when they’re incorporated in them. There are different kinds of braids ranging from the easy traditional French braid to slightly more complicated fishtails and the one that need a lot of practice and concentration like the 5-strand braid. Here are some braided hairstyles that you can try on whenever you want a fun and flirty look:

  • Braided half updo – half updos are always perfect if you want something in between casual and elegantly posh. A braided half updo can look so much more romantic when you curl the hair that you’re going to let down in big, voluminous curls. If you want  to take the level of cuteness of this  braided hairstyle up a notch, you can add dainty little hair clips and studs or a simple flower wreath to it.

braided half updohalf updo with braids

  • Braided headband – this is a no-brainer for any girl. It’s so easy to do, all you’ll need are some bobby pins and a little bit of hairspray. Headbands have always looked so effortlessly chic on wavy or curly hair so to have a braided headband made with your own hair is just fabulously genius.

braided headband

braided headband howtobraided headband big strands

  • Side fishtail braids – there’s just something about styling your hair in one side that makes it even more feminine and romantic. A side fishtail braid is perfect for days when you just want to pull off a nice casual look and don’t really want to do much or put any product on your hair.  It’s also a perfect hairstyle for the beach. To make the side fishtail braid look sexier, gently pull out on your braids to create a messy look.

side fishtail braidmessy side fishtail

  • Braided pigtails – pigtails are reminiscent of childhood days when mom would send you off to school with your hair parted and tied in half and everyone found it cute. As a lady, pigtails can still be a fun and flirty hairstyle for you, with a few modifications, of course, like making it messy and doing loose braids on them.

braided pigtails vintagemessy braided pigtailsbraided pigtails