4 Major Hair Removal Mistakes to Avoid

Hair removal is something that almost all women do to get rid of unwanted hair in areas where we would like to look flawless. The hair growth in the area doesn’t have to be heavy before you decide to have it removed. Hair removal is often done in areas such as the face (eyebrows, mustache area), legs, arms, underarms, and the bikini area.  For those who haven’t tried it yet it may look easy but to those who actually go through it, whether done by a professional or at home, it’s actually a bit more agonizing than most think. If you regularly get unwanted hair removed from your body, be extra careful. There are just so many things that can go wrong and some of them are those that you don’t notice. Here’s a list of hair removal mistakes to avoid at all costs.

  • Sunbathing before or after hair removal – it may seem harmless to have fun under the sun before or after hair removal but it isn’t. In fact, sun bathing before or after getting unwanted hair removed is a definite no-no according to professionals because exposure to the sun can make your skin too thick or too sensitive for hair removal to be properly done and this may lead to bad burns and, in the long run, hyper pigmentation.

sun bathing sunbathe sunbathing

  • Sharing a razor – it’s unhygienic and is surely an obvious mistake to avoid but why are so many people still doing it? Because it’s convenient and it doesn’t seem like such a big deal (if you know the person you’re sharing the razor with), that’s why. Well, here’s something to think about before you grab your sister’s / friend’s / boyfriend’s razor again: sharing razors (especially when they’re used and dirty) can cause infections in the hair follicles and can also cause the spread of warts, jock itch and herpes. Next time you’re in the shower and you feel like just grabbing whatever razor you can grab, think about that.

sharing razor shaved

  • Dry shaving – forgot to shave but need to throw on that sleeveless top for work quick? Dry shaving may seem very convenient but, please, stop yourself from doing it. Dry shaving irritates the skin leaving it red and sometimes even itchy. Aside from that, it increases your risks for getting cuts, bumps and nicks too. Use a shaving gel or cream every time you shave, no matter how much or how little hair it is that you’re trying to get rid of. It’s also advised that you shave in the shower or after when the hairs are soft and hydrated so you don’t meet resistance when trying to get rid of them.

dry shaving shaving

  • Over-plucking the brows – this one is an easy hair removal mistake to do. It’s just so tempting to keep on and on when trimming, plucking and shaping your brows that sometimes you’ve already over-plucked before you even realize it, making your eyes and your whole face look weird. Try to look for eyebrow stencils in beauty supply stores. Those can be used as a guide for when you’re maintaining your brows to reduce the risk of over-plucking.

over plucking over pluck overplucking brows