4 of the Best Celebrity Long Layered Haircuts to Copy

Celebrities who have long layered haircuts are always so glamorous looking and so beautiful. They are the ones who have the privilege of having fancy hairstyles for red carpet events but are also very fortunate to be looking effortlessly gorgeous on ordinary days even when they don’t do anything to their hair. Long layered haircuts are very ideal if you want something that will give your hair more body and volume. Layers on long hair also add a touch of girly elegance to your whole look. Here are some of the best celebrities who have gorgeous long layered haircuts that you can take inspiration from the next time you visit the salon.

  • Eva Longoria – this desperate housewife is anything but desperate when it comes to her hair. She’s got long luscious golden brown layers that look so soft you’ll find yourself wishing you had her hair every single time you see it. Her luscious locks make her pretty face even more prettier and her long layered hair is also a huge factor to her very youthful look.

eva longoria haircut eva longoria hair

  • Kendall Jenner – another beautiful brunette who sports a long layered haircut is Kendall Jenner. Watching Kendall on Keeping up with the Kardashians will show you how she always has her long layered hair straight and just messily hanging out and about but nevertheless still looking so sexy and cute. When she does have her hair done in curls, her super long hair and her layers also look extra glamorous.

kendall straight hair

kendall jenner hair kendall

  • Reese Witherspoon – this legally blonde chick is also legally gorgeous all the time in her long layered haircut. She may not have the longest hair but her hair sure is long enough to house some awesome layers that frame her beautiful face just right. Reese likes to wear her hair curly most of the time and this gives her an elegant and sophisticated look but we can’t deny the fact that she also looks so chic when she has her hair straight.

reese hair reese haircut

  • Jennifer Aniston – Jen is perhaps one of the youngest looking celebrities in Hollywood. Not only does she have a sexy and super fit body, she also has such a youthful looking glow on her pretty face. Jennifer Aniston has always sported long layered haircuts every now and then and it’s no secret that she always looks so good in them. Her long layered locks also contribute to how young she looks.

jennifer aniston hair jen aniston hair jennifer aniston