4 Pretty Hair Highlights Ideas

Coloring your hair is more than just about giving your hair a makeover; it’s also about making a fashion statement and representing your own personal taste and style. Your hair can say a lot about you and people can get a hint of your personality just by looking at your hair.

When you want to change the way your hair looks without having to chop any of it at all, the best thing to do is to color it. Sometimes, we sport a hair color for so long people get used to seeing you in that color so when you dye your hair with something different it seems as if your whole aura has changed as well. Coloring your hair, first timer or pro, is like leaving you comfort zone to go for an adventure. To be safe, you can go with highlights so you can have a feel of what the new color is going to be like.

Here are 4 hair highlight ideas you can try:

  • Medium brown hair and gold highlights – the golden highlights complement the richness of brown hair very well and results in shiny and healthy looking locks effortlessly. This hair highlight idea is perfect for almost all skin colors, too, so it’s very popular even amongst Hollywood stars.

gold streaks

med brown and gold highlights

medium gold highlights


  • Deep brunette and caramel highlights – most highly recommended for women with darker skin, this combination is sure to make you glow. Caramel highlights produce great contrast against the deepness of your hair color and adds dimension and texture to the hair.

beyonce caramel hlights

caramel and deep brown

alba caramel highlights

  • Black hair and red highlights – this may seem a bit emo-slash-punk rock-ish but red highlights actually work very well with dark hair. With the right hair cut, this hair highlight idea can actually look chic and feminine. Darker shades of red, maybe even red-violet, works best and adds heaps of dimension  to plain black hair.

red on black

red highlights

  • Blonde hair with pink highlights – if you want to be more adventurous with blonde hair, highlighting it with an unexpected color like pink may just be what you need to satiate your craving for standing out. Blonde and pink is a very girly and flirty combination. It’s almost reminiscent of Sophie Sumner’s bubblegum pink hair on America’s Next Top model but highlights are less bold than having to dye all your hair pink, though there’s nothing wrong with that.

dark pink highlights

light pink on blonde

For best results, go to a professional hair stylist to have your hair highlights done. You can take these hair highlight ideas and consult them about your choice.