5 Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

As a woman, makeup is considered an essential rather than a luxury, especially if you are working. Though everyone is made beautifully, time and certain situations may have led to some flaws on your skin or face that now needs to be covered. Makeup is just one of the many wonderful ways for enhancing your natural beauty, concealing flaws and highlighting your assets. However, there are a few beauty mistakes that a lot of us do, sometimes without even us knowing it. Here’s a list of some beauty mistakes to avoid and watch out for. Knowing what you’ve been doing wrong in your regular beauty routine can help save you from problems later.

  • Sleeping with makeup on – some women are not too keen on washing their face and removing makeup completely before going to bed, especially after a long and tiring night. However, going the extra mile and getting all the gunk off from your face will really help make a difference. At the end of the day, it’s not just makeup that’s on your face, every kind of pollutant you came in contract with is on there, too. Accumulation of these dirt and bacteria can clog up your pores and lead to breakouts. It can also make your skin age faster so be sure to wash up before you sleep to keep your skin young and healthy.

sleep with makeup on sleep with makeup

  • Tugging down on the eyes when applying eyeliner – tugging on the eyes every time you apply eyeliner can lead to early eye wrinkles. Try coming up with another way to get your eyeliner on the waterline without tugging to save your skin from looking old. Personally, I pull my skin slightly and very lightly to the side when I apply liner on my water line instead of tug down directly on the skin underneath the eyes.

eyeliner application


  • The foundation ‘mask’ – don’t you just find it funny, sometimes even annoying, when people step out of their houses looking like they’re wearing a mask of foundation on their face? This happens when you fail to blend your foundation in to your neck and décolleté, especially if you’re wearing a low neckline or a tube top.

foundation foundation flawless

  • Applying too much lipstick without blotting– so, if you apply more lipstick that means it will last longer, right? Wrong! Using too much lipstick in one application isn’t any better than applying just the right amount. In fact, it can do you more bad than good. When you apply too much lipstick and you don’t blot the excess, it ends up on your teeth instead of on your lips. Not a pretty sight. Blot and set your lipstick all the time.

lipstick on teeth lipstick not on teeth

  • Curling with mascara on – curling your eyelashes with your mascara already on may have you thinking that the curl will hold on much longer but that’s not really true. When you curl lashes with your mascara on, your lashes tend to stick to your lash curler because of the mascara and some of your lashes may get pulled out, too. Curl your lashes BEFORE applying mascara to prevent this.

curl curled lashes