5 Cute Hair Accessories for Short Hair

Having short hair can sometimes be a really good thing, especially if you’re the kind of woman who’s always on the go and doesn’t even have time to properly comb her hair. With short hair, all you have to do is finger comb it after you shower and you’re all set. However, because having short hair is so convenient, you sometimes neglect to really pay attention and style your hair so much that it looks pretty much the same every single day.

Styling short hair is difficult. There isn’t much to play around with. However, you can still give your hair a different look everyday with cute hair accessories. These will help you achieve different looks without having to do anything to your hair.

  • Bandana headbands – get the ‘good girl gone bad’ look from sexy singer Rihanna by donning on bandana headband. These are very cute but they also pack heaps of attitude and are perfect for casual summer days. This cute hair accessory is perfect if you want to achieve a rocker chick look but can also be used for getting that perfect retro look when worn with full blunt cut bangs.

vintage look bandana headband

cool bandana headband

  • Fascinator – no matter how pretty or how expensive your dress is, don’t you just feel underdressed when you go to a formal event and everyone has their hair made up in buns, curls, ponytails, chignons, and all that jazz and you’re just there with your plain, short hair? Well, the fascinator is the perfect fix for you. These little darlings can make you stand out from the crowd anytime.

bridal fascinator

blue fascinator

  • Hair bow – a hair bow is perfect for those days when you just feel extra girly and chic. they’re the perfect complement to a frilly feminine dress and they’re so convenient all you have to do is clip them on, even as your walking to your car or out on the hallway.

bow in a bob

classy black bow

  • Cute little hair clips – if you want something that will quickly get your growing bangs or fringes out of your face, get hair clips. They’re cheap and very dainty and they can be worn every day. For variation, you can get plain clips and those that have designs on them.

star clippixie cut clip

  • Headbands – whether its plastic, metal, garter loops, skinny, thick, embellished, plain or whatnot, headbands are always a good choice for styling short hair. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs from most stores and if you can’t find one that suites your style, all you really have to do is buy a plain one and make a DIY headband.

redbandblack headband