5 Cute Pastel Makeup Ideas

Pastels are all the trends these days. You can’t just walk in to a clothing store and not see gorgeous clothes in pastel. Neither can you go to a drugstore or makeup counter at the mall without noticing all the pretty pastel colors on all sorts of cosmetics you could ever dream of wearing. No matter how beautiful pastel makeup may seem, some are still afraid that they can’t pull this trend off without looking like a 5-year old did their makeup with a Barbie in hand for inspiration.

If you’d love to try out the pastel makeup trend, don’t be afraid. It’s actually one of the easiest trends to wear as long as you don’t go overboard. Lucky for you, we’ve got some fabulous and cute pastel makeup ideas that could help you get started.

  • Go for lilac – lilac is such a versatile color because it complements almost all skin tones, whether warm or cool. It’s like a neutral color that anyone can wear anytime. Because of this, lilac is the most recommended pastel color for those who are just about to start experimenting with the pastel makeup trend.

lilac make uplilac makeup

  • Try to do a monochromatic look, if possible – wearing just one color all over your face can actually work and turn out well. Blending with other colors of the same hues are also a great idea. However, this is only applicable for colors that are wearable on the eyes, the cheeks and the lips. Yellow may be a cute color for the eyes but you can’t really wear them on your lips or cheeks. Some of the colors that can be used to achieve a monochromatic look are lilac, rose, orange and corals.

pastel monochrome

coral mono

  • Getting green-eyed – mint green is the perfect pastel color for your eyes. And you know why? Because like lilac, it looks great on all skin tones. Kristen Bell who has fair skin has rocked this eye shadow color, Kim Kardashian who has more of an olive skin tone looked gorgeous in it and Rihanna who has a darker skin also looked stunning wearing mint green eye shadow.

pastel mint greenmint green shadowv

  • Pretty petal pink lips – if you’re not sure how to start wearing the pastel makeup trend, you can always start with playing up with lip colors and building a whole look from there. Pastel pink is always gorgeous on the lips, whether it’s worn with  other pastel colors or brighter and bolder ones.

pastel pink lipspastel pink lips

  • Do cotton candy eyes – pastel makeup is the perfect trend and the perfect excuse for you to rock cotton candy eyes. Simply take two or three beautiful pastel color eye shadows and blend and combine them together to create a stunningly eye catching look. This may take quite a lot of time and practice to perfect but you’ll see that it’s all worth it in the end.

rainbow pastel eyescotton candy eyes