5 Different DIY Feather Hair Accessories

Hair accessories adorned and embellished with flowers, whether real or fake, are perfect for summer and only for summer. Accessorizing for fall is a lot different as it calls for warmer and cozier styles and designs which is why feather hair accessories are in demand. Trendy feather hair accessories can cost you anywhere from $5 to about $50 a piece. If you think about it, that much money could already buy you about one or two pieces of fall staples. But don’t fret because making your own DIY feather hair accessories is just as easy as buying one. Below are 4 different ideas for DIY feather hair accessories to get your creative juice running.

  • Feather headband – this feather hair accessory is perfect for keeping your hair off your face, especially for fall when the wind sometimes likes to blow real hard. A feather headband is an easy way to dress up any casual outfit. You can make you’re the feather in your headband as bold or as subtle as you want, it all depends on how much you want to spice up your outfit.

feather headband

bridal feather headband

  • Feather headdress – whether it’s for a costume or if you just want to stand out from the crowd and turn heads, a feather headdress is a great way to accessorize. This DIY feather hair accessory is very reminiscent of Native Americans: fierce and bold. It’s very easy to make and only requires a few materials like craft feathers, a garter headband or sweatband and some hot glue.

pink feather headdress

headdress feather

  • Feather hair clips – feather hair clips can be as big or as small as you need them to be. Different kinds of feather can be used. Popular choices for feathers used in this DIY hair accessory are peacock feathers and the bushy kind of craft feathers that are reminiscent or cockatoo tails. Often times, a jewel or something more ornate is used as the focal point, especially when it is intended for special occasions like weddings and parties.

clip feather

feather clip

  • Feather hair extensions – this is one of the few kinds of feather hair extensions that are not only trendy for fall but all year round. Feather hair extensions add dimension, texture and an element of fun to your hair. These DIY feather hair accessories can be subtle (made from string-like material with feathery texture) or bold made from legit-looking feathers. These are often worn only on one side and are attached to clips.

blue feather hair extension

feather extensions

  • Feather hat – hands down, this is the simplest DIY feather project you can make, and the most convenient and practical too! Take a hat you used for summer and embellish it with feathers and you’re ready for fall!

diy feather hat

feather fedora