5 Easy Classy Hairstyles You Can Wear Everyday

Just because you don’t have to dress to the nines everyday does not mean you can’t wear your hair in classy hairstyles, too. Sometimes when you want to dress up a casual outfit, all you really have to do is sport a classy hairstyle to instantly add an air of sophistication to your look. You don’t always have to go to the salon to get your hair done. There are a lot of classy hairstyles that you can do at home with the help of basic hair tools and some hair products. Here are 5 classy hairstyles that you can wear everyday:

  • The classic bun – this is one of those classy hairstyles that never fail to make it to the top of any hairstyle list. It’s elegant and chic and at the same time it’s also very easy to do. The classic bun has been loved by women for many years because of its versatility. You can wear it as a simple complement to an elegant dress or to dress up a casual ensemble.

bun hairstlyle classy bun hairstyle

  • Modern bun – the modern bun is a more fun and youthful take on the classic bun. it’s got more details but nevertheless still classy. A modern bun can be worn high or low, in the center or on the sides, with and without braids and you can make is as sleek or as messy as you like. it’s perfect if you want a more laid back look.

modern bun

modern bun hairstyle

  • The ponytail – what’s a better at keeping your hair out of your face while keeping you looking classy and polished than a ponytail? It’s very easy and it never gets old. There are lots of ways you can dress up a ponytail to make it as dressy as you like. You can incorporate braids, use other hair accessories with it, add a bouffant and so on.

ponytail ponytail hair

  • The Bob – if you want a classy hairstyle that’s easy to manage, you should definitely get a bob. You can ask your stylist what kind of bob works best with your face shape, whether it’s a graduated bob, an asymmetric bob or a choppy one. The great thing about getting a bob is that it still looks posh even when it grows out.

classy bob cut classy bob

  • Chignon – a lot of people are confused with the bun and the chignon but to cut the confusion short, here’s the deal about the two: a bun can be worn anywhere on the head and can be tweaked and modernized to your liking while a chignon is traditionally worn low at the back of the nape and is intended to be more elegant and formal. With this said, the chignon is a perfect dress up for your hair if you want something really elegant and sophisticated

chignon hair chignon