5 Easy Ways to Add a Bit of the 60s Style Glam in Your Look

The 60s is undeniably one of the most iconic time periods when we talk about beauty and fashion. It was during this time that a countless number of beauty and fashion trends started to surface and these trends are still pretty hot in today’s beauty and fashion scene. If there’s one thing that you can rely on about the beauty and fashion trends and styles from the 60s, it is the fact that it will never go out of style. Chic, glamorous, revolutionary – these are just some of the words that can be used to best describe the beauty and fashion scene back then. If you love the 60s just as much as we do, you’re surely looking for ways to get that 60s style glam into your everyday look. Read on below and see how you can mix the retro 60s glam with your everyday modern look.

  • Sport a wing tip liner – talking about 60s beauty trends without even mentioning eye liner is just impossible. Eyeliners were so big back in the 60s that the styles of wearing them are still super stylish up to this day. To get a subtle 60s look, wear your liner with a slight, flirty flick to create a wing tip. This is one of the biggest beauty trends to have come from the 60s and it’s not difficult to mix it in with your everyday look. Pencil liner is the safest way to go but if you want it bolder, go for either liquid or gel liner.

wing tip liner wing tip

  • Pale pucker – another big beauty trend that came from the 60s are pale lips. Today’s beauty scene is filled with bright red lips, deep berry hues and shocking pinks which makes a pale lip a refreshing break from  all the rich colors. Wearing a pale lip is perfect if you’re wearing dramatic eye makeup. You can achieve pale lips by using sheer lipstick or just tinted lip gloss.

pale lips look

pale lips

  • Va-va-voluminous hair – think Jackie Kennedy (former first lady), Jane Fonda and Brigitte Bardot and you’ll get a clear picture of what va-va-voluminous hair is. You, too, can wear this look today. In fact, you can wear your hair big with just about any hairstyle you choose to do with your locks. To get big, sexy hair, all you’ll need is a teasing brush and a big ol’ bottle of hairspray.

big hair big hairstyle

  • Middle parted hair – forget about slicking your hair back to get that brushed up look or parting it to the side to get it to look a bit sexier, back in the 60s middle parted or center parted hair was the thing. You’ll notice that most hippies (which also emerged from the 60s) sport middle parted hair to get that distinct retro-ish look.

center part hair center part

  • Full brows – no time to pluck them eyebrows? Don’t worry; channeling a 60s-inspired look is always a great excuse for wearing full brows. Just fill in sparse spots with an eye brow pencil with a color closest to that of your natural eyebrow color and finish off with brow gel to keep your brows from going astray.

full brows look full brows