5 Fabulous Hair Colors to Try in 2014

“New year, new me” that’s what we often hear from people during the first few months after New Years. To some people it means living a new lifestyle which may include exercise, less stress, more healthy eating, quitting on cigarettes and alcohol and being more kind to others. To some, ‘new year, new me’ means starting all over again from a major loss, defeat or failure. Most popularly, though, ‘new year, new me’ refers to a physical makeover. A lot of people like to start off their new year with a different look. if you are one of these people, you know that a total makeover can be expensive plus it’s a huge and drastic change. If you’d like to take baby steps into the new you, why not start with hair color? it’s an easy way to update and spice up your looks and it’s not that expensive at all. Here are 5 fabulous hair colors to try in 2014:

  • Radiant orchid – looking for a really cool hair color that’s sure to get noticed all the time? Why not wear the color of the year, then? That’s right, radiant orchid hair is so happening right now. This hair color may not be what you see on everyday ordinary women in the streets but for those of you out there who love to stand out from the crowd, this is one of the best hair colors to get on your luscious locks. Not to mention, it’s a super hip way to wear the color of the year.

radinat orchid radiant orchid

  • Platinum blonde – because just blonde isn’t enough. According to a lot of celebrity hairstylists, they see platinum blonde being one of the most popular hair colors of the year. This hair color is stunning and radiant. It’s perfect for anyone who like everything and anything extreme. What’s more is that it’s easy to pull of platinum blonde hair because it virtually goes with any skin color or makeup look. Cool, stylish and convenient. What more could you ask for?

platinum blonde hair

platinum blonde

  • Orange – today, choosing what color to dye your hair isn’t that hard anymore. This is mainly because many don’t even bother whether the hair color would look natural or super unnatural on them. In fact, artificial-looking and unreal hair colors today seem to be the ‘in’ thing, especially for the daredevils and wild child of the beauty and fashion world. When we say orange, we don’t mean the kind of orange that’s just enough to make you look like a gorgeous ‘ginger’, we mean fiery bright and bold orange. the kind you would see on anime girls’ hair.

orange orange hair

  • Rose gold – rose gold has been one of the trendiest colors for jewelry in 2013 so why not kick start your 2014 with this color but this time on your hair? It’s like bringing a little bit of last year into the new year with a twist!

rose gold rose gold hair

  • Jet black hair – another extreme hair color choice that you can go for, in case you aren’t digging the platinum blonde color, is jet black. No highlights, no low lights, no color undertones, just pure, lush jet black hair. Just like the ones you see in a lot of hair commercials.

jet black jet black hair