5 Gorgeous Winter Hair Accessories

Winter may not be everyone’s favorite time for dressing up to the nines but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look chic and stylish during the cold seasons. Sometimes the cold makes you never want to leave your bed so you sleep some more and the next thing you know, you’ve got less than 10 minutes to get up and get ready for school or work. Yes, it’s a very typical situation. Luckily, there are ways to still look pretty and gorgeous even with so little time. Here are 5 winter accessories that will surely come in handy for those times when you barely have a minute to spare for your hair:

  • Beanie – a beanie is perhaps one of the most popular hair accessories that women wear during winter. Beanies come in different styles, colors, patterns and prints which is why it’s so easy to style and put together an outfit with a beanie. For this reason, a lot of women invest on beanies for winter. With the many different ways to wear a beanie, you will surely find one that will suit your style. Beanies are most especially perfect for casual winter outfits.

 beanie hat beanie

  • Beret – ever wonder what those uber stylish French models are always wearing on their heads when they appear on print ads? Well, it’s a beret. A beret is a dressier alternative to a beanie. You can wear a beret with outfits that are more on the semi-formal side. Wearing a beret also instantly adds an air of French sophistication to any outfit. This particular winter hair accessory is perfect if you want something that posh and chic.

 beret hat


  • Crochet headband – want something more fun and feminine to wear this winter without sacrificing comfort? Go for a crochet headband. Crochet headbands are a great addition to any outfit if you want to create a girly look. Most of the time, crochet headbands are made very wide so they cover the ears when worn thus perfect for keeping them warm during cold days.

 crochet headband

crochet headband look

  • Snood scarf – a snood scarf is also sometimes called an infinity scarf and what it is is basically a scarf made from a big loop so that you can wear it over your head like a hoodie and the wrap the remaining fabric around your neck like a normal scarf. This is perfect for those days when your hair just isn’t looking good, no matter what you do with it.

snood scarf snood

  • Ear muffs – now, these aren’t really hair accessories but a lot of ear muffs are now being made to look pretty enough to be worn as headbands. These kinds of ear muffs are the perfect way to mix style, comfort and functionality.

 ear muffs ear muffs hair