5 Great Long Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrities are always a great source of fashion and beauty inspirations. A lot of women look up to celebrities because they love the way these celebs look on TV and on magazines. Naturally, lots of women aim to look like gorgeous celebrities or at least to copy their style. Here are 10 great long celebrity hairstyles that you can take inspiration from if you’ve got long hair and no idea on how to style it:

  • Taylor Swift’s long, sleek and sexy straight hair – Taylor has always been known to sport big, luscious, romantic curls but we love how she’s been wearing her hair lately. Recently, Taylor has been wearing her hair down, straight and sleek. It’s such a refreshing new look for her and it makes her look sexier and more mature. We especially like it when she’s dolled up with those pin-straight bangs, too!

taylor swift hair taylor swift

  • Selena Gomez’s cute and wavy hair – don’t you just love how Selena Gomez always exudes an air of fun, youthful bliss about her? We think it’s cute how Selena Gomez almost always has her hair down in really loose waves, no matter if it’s midlength or long. Her hairstyle frames her beautiful round face perfectly and it also gives her a very casual and laidback look.

selena gomez

selena gomez hair

  • Kim Kardashian’s ponytail with a pouf – ones of Kim K’s signature hairstyle look is a ponytail with a really nice pouf on top. In fact, you’ll notice that she likes adding a pouf or a ‘beehive’ as others call it on top of most hairstyles because it’s a nice way for her to look slightly taller (she’s only 5’2” tall). Quite frankly, it works well for her. The ponytail gives a clearer view of her gorgeous face and the pouf adds a few inches on her, what’s not to like?

Kim Kardashian hair Kim Kardashian

  • Kirsten Stewart’s tousled side parted hair – it may look like she barely brushed her hair, let alone ran her fingers through it, before she headed for the door but Kirsten Stewart sure knows how to pull off some sexy messy hair. This Twilight star is almost always seen with just tousled and side parted hair, no matter if it’s a red carpet event, a laidback TV guesting or a casual appearance somewhere, and she always looks effortlessly chic in it.

kirsten stewart kirsten stewart hair

  • Blake Lively’s messy braids – we don’t know what it is with Blake Lively, aka Serena from Gossip girl, and messy braids but boy does she look stunning in them! Blake never fails to shake things up with her hairstyles but you best believe it’s always gonna have some braids in there and it’s always gonna be sort of messy but still sexy looking.

Blake Lively blake lively hair