5 Hot Hairdos with Bangs

Before, when you hear the word ‘bangs’ you are most commonly reminded of little girls  with their cute pigtails and blunt, full bangs. Today however, all that has changed. Bangs are just no longer for little kids, and no longer are they just ‘cute’ as well. Bangs are now the ultimate hair trend that can make you pull off different looks: fun, sweet, laidback, chic and hot and sexy, depending on the hairstyle that goes with it.

  • Long and full with sleek straight hair – nothing says chic and powerful at the same time like sleek straight hair and full, long and blunt cut bangs. This look has a ‘60s cool vibe to it but also exudes pure sophistication. Long, full, blunt bangs that fall and skim through the brows are perfect if you have an oval shaped face as this hairdo can elongate your face and make you look thinner.

blunt bangs and straight hair

blunt straigh

  • Long, side swept bangs on long straight hair – this hairdo with bangs sort of gives an impression of being mysterious and sexy. Women who sport long side swept bangs look even more gorgeous as the side swept fringes flatter the face. This is also one of the few hairdos with bangs that can look good on anyone, regardless of facial shapes and features.

side swept long layered

side swept blonde

  • Side swept bangs with curly or wavy hair – this is more of an elegant kind of hairstyle. curly hair automatically makes anyone look younger, no doubt about that. Adding side swept fringes to curl hair is just so much more flattering and can make you look even a lot younger. This hairstyle has a youthful but elegant vibe.

curly side swept

curly fringes

  • Short bangs with a pixie cut – this hairdo with bangs is very refreshing to see amidst long bangs and fringes. A pixie cut with short bangs can help you a lot if you have a round face and want it to look longer and thinner. This style can also make a short forehead look longer to make facial features look more balanced. The recommended length of bangs to go perfectly with a pixie cut is about 2 inches away from the brows.

pixie short

pixie bangs

  • Wispy bangs on straight hair – wispy, piecey bangs are perfect if you want to achieve the look of a rocker chick. This is one of the hairdos with bags that is not so hard to pull off. This style is also very convenient for those who want something that needs very little styling and maintenance. The beauty of the bangs in this style lies on the imperfection.

wispy bangs

piecey wispy