5 Ideas to Tie Headscarves

Headscarves are the perfect cover up for any bad hair day. A plain one can go well with so many outfits and a printed headscarf instantly adds texture to any outfit and not to mention a pretty chic vibe. There are many ways that you can tie a headscarf and there is really no rule to doing it. What matters is that the headscarf stays on your head until the end of the day. Sometimes a simple knot will suffice but if you’ve got more time to spare, why not explore and experiment with the many different creative ways to tie your headscarves? Here are some ideas that you might want to try out:

  • Twisty turban – whether it’s because of an already bad hair day or an anticipated windy day ahead, the twisty turban is sure to keep your locks out of the way and safe in place. It’s also a great headscarf tying idea for winter as it will keep your head warm and insulated from the cold but at the same time it’s also a great quick fix to avoiding frizz from the summer sun when at the beach.

turban twisted headscarf turban heascarf

  • Beautiful  bow – looking for some unique way to spice up and prettify your look but can’t quite figure out what to do? Why not wear our hair in a headscarf and tie it in a pretty bow? Depending on the size and length of your headscarf, you can make a bow as big and bold or as small and subtle as you want. This simple headscarf tying idea can really make any look instantly more gorgeous.

bow headscarf

bow headscarf tie

  • Pretty pirate – it doesn’t matter if you’re going to a costume party as a pirate or if you just want something that will keep the wind from blowing hair all over your face, tying your headscarf like a pirate is sure to make your look more interesting and fun. This is very easy to do and you can literally do it in 5 minutes tops.

pirate headscarf pirate style headscarf

  • Simply knotty – this is perhaps one of the most basic and simple ways that you can tie a headscarf. This tying style is made only by looping and knotting your headscarf around your head but the result is super chic and beautiful. This has a sort of a vintage retro vibe to it and is great if you want something simple and quick but equally pretty.

knotted headscarf knot headscarf

  • Boho hippie – another one of the simpler ways to tie a headscarf is to tie it with a boho-hippie style. This can be done simply by folding your headscarf into one long strip and tying it around your head with the ends loose, almost looking like a bandana.

boho hippie headscarf boho hippie