5 of the Best Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrities are always coveted for their looks. Everything about them just seems so pretty and perfect; their clothes, their style, their makeup and of course, their hair. No matter if it’s long or short, real or extensions, their hair just always seem so made up and gorgeous. Needless to say, there are always those celebrities that never fail to stand out with their luscious locks. Here are a few of the best celebrity hairstyles that you can take inspiration from:

  • Emma Watson’s Pixie Crop – Remember when Emma looked like a sweet teeny bopper with her very curly locks? Well, nothing wrong with that, really. But when she decided to chop them off and go for a sleek pixie cut, I guess we’ll all agree that it’s the best decision she’s ever made, at least hairstyle-wise. This power crop looks so edgy and powerful and at the same time so chic and sophisticated that it almost instantly turned Ms. Watson into a fashion icon.

sleek sexy pixie

sexy pixie cut

  • Alexa Chung’s ‘I don’t care’ hair – this pretty lady’s hair is far from sleek. It’s messy and it’s unkempt but it’s super sexy and chic. It almost looks like a bob that’s grown out and she didn’t even care to have it trimmed, cut, restyled, or updated. Despite that, lots of women still would kill just to get this perfectly messy hair.

alexa chung messy hairalexa chung messy hair

alexa chung hair

  • Farah Fawcett’s Va Va Voluminous Hair – this may be a bit of a throwback but who could ever dare to leave out Farah Fawcett when talking about hair? How she manages to keep those perfectly flicked locks and how she manages to put on so much volume and have it on for long periods is simply amazing. Today we see all the other celebs trying to pull this look but we all know, no one will ever do it better than Farah.

farah fawcett

volume in hair

  • The Regal Blow Dry – she may not be technically a celebrity but when the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton joined the Royal Family and started appearing on TV, her impeccable style and perfectly relaxed hairstyle was instantly loved and embraced by fashionistas all over the world.

kate middleton

kate middleton hair

  • Olivia Palermo’s Midi Waves – known for being one of the first celebrities to experiment with the ombre hair trend way back 2010 / 2011, Olivia Palermo has always been seen as someone with an innate sense of style. Her midlength wavy hair that’s always super glossy and parted in the center is her best known look.

hair olivia

olivia palermo