5 Posh Ways to Wear Headbands

A headband, though small and simple in structure, are very attractive and adds an instant character when worn. Headbands come in many different forms, styles and designs and each one can contribute, not only your hairstyle but your overall get up, an added flare. Some headbands are made of plastic, some from wires, others are plain and some are bejeweled and all blinged out. We have gathered different ways to wear headbands for you so you can choose which one you like best.

  • Wear it on its own – headbands that have striking details like those worn by Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl are pretty enough to be worn on its own, whether on straight, curly, or wavy hair. If you are constantly running  out of time doing your hair in the morning, pick up a few couple of headbands that have pretty ornaments and jewels to keep your hair from getting messed up. These will practically save you loads of time.

ornate headband

pearl headband


  • Wear it with a ponytail – for casual days when you just want to dress down, wear your hair in a ponytail and wear a headband with it to add a bit of detail to your hair. It does not matter whether your ponytail is high, low, or on the side. Even a messy ponytail will look so much better with a simple headband.

low ponytail and headband

ponytail and headband

  • Wear it with a bun – for formal nights when you think your outfit is already a statement on its own, you’ll want to keep your hair simple as in a bun. However, that may be a little too simple. Add a simple, bejeweled headband to your bun to instantly make it more chic without taking the attention away from your dress.

bun headband

low bun and headband

  • Wear it boho style – this only works for infinity headbands or those that go all the way around your head. Wearing a headband boho style just means that you pull the headband down a little to your forehead almost like you would a sweatband but without tucking or keeping your hair in. it’s literally just putting the headband over your head. This looks best with curly or wavy hair.

boho style

messy boho

  • Wear it with braids – no matter what kind of braids you have on, wearing a headband with it just makes it all the more prettier and it even takes a few years off of you, making you look fresher and much younger. You can even make yourself a headband out of your own braided hair. This is perfect for spring.

braid and headband

headband braid