5 Practical Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

Looking beautiful and glamorous all the time can be a real confidence booster but it can also require quite some effort to keep your look being flawless and all. Finding the perfect beauty routine to make sure that your hair and makeup stays decent all day can be difficult to do. You’ll need to experiment with different products, methods and techniques before you will finally be able to discover one that you can stick to. Even after that, you’ll find that there are little flaws in your daily routine that require you to refresh and touch up more frequently but you choose to ignore it because you’re somewhat sick of experimenting all over again. Wouldn’t it be great, though, if you could find solutions to these flaws in your routine to save you time and the amount of product you use? Here are 10 beauty hacks that you need to know to make looking pretty and fresh all day a breeze.

  • Quick waves from quick braids – we all love to have those exquisite waves you can only get from braiding your hair every once in a while but that requires you to sleep with your hair braided and that can be quite uncomfortable. To get quick braid waves, braid your hair in sections as usual and run a hot hair iron through each section. The heat will help for and retain the waves after the braids are undone. Spritz on a generous amount of hair spray if you’re on for a full day ahead.

braided waves braided waves outcome

  • Long lasting perfume – perfumes can be quite expensive and reapplying all throughout the day because the scent doesn’t stay on can have you going through perfume bottles in a jiffy. Make your favorite perfume last all day with minimal to no reapplication by spraying them in these areas: behind the ears, behind the knees, inside the wrist and at the base of the throat.


perfume tip

  • Cheaper lip plumper – lip plumpers sell like hotcakes because everyone wants to have fuller looking lips like that of Angelina Jolie but these lip plumpers can be quite expensive. To make your lips look fuller without going bust, simply add a drop or two of peppermint oil to your favorite tube of lip gloss to create your own pucker plumping potion.

plump lips plump

  • Rich pencil liner pigment – pencil eye liner is great for beginners in makeup as well as for those who don’t have steady hands. However, it’s very difficult to find a pencil liner that’s rich enough to smudge on easily for a quick smoky eye effect. There’s a trick to that, though, and that is to heat up the tip of your pencil liner using a lighter, an igniter or flame from the stove for about 5 seconds then let it cool and see how the pigmentation is intensified when you line your eyes with it.

eyeliner smudge eyeliner

  • All day lipstick – long lasting and smudge proof lipsticks are all the rage these days because they stay on so well on your lips that you don’t even have to reapply lipstick for as long as 8 to 12 hours. However, it can be difficult to find one in a specific shade that you will really like, especially if you’re very particular about your lipstick color. Make any of your favorite lipsticks last much longer by setting in with loose powder. After applying lipstick, cover your lips with a napkin and lightly dust on some loose powder to make your lipstick set better on your lips.

lipstick setting lipstick