5 Ways to Speed Up Your Beauty Routine For a Monday Morning

Monday morning can be so chaotic! Sometimes, you don’t realize it’s time to get up, get ready and go back to work again until you literally have no time to prepare yourself and look decent, at least. There are a lot of things you can do to make Monday morning prepping so much easier, though, so get ready to hate Monday mornings less and check out the tips we have on ways to speed up your beauty routine for a Monday morning (or any other morning).

  • Wash up at night – having dry hair that’s ready to be styled in the morning saves you a lot of precious time so wash your hair at night if you plan on creating a cool ‘do in the morning. Be sure that your hair is completely dry before you go to bed, though. Sleeping with wet hair comes with so many consequences including hair breakage when done frequently. If you don’t have oily skin, you can also wash your face clean at night to save you minutes of facial cleansing in the A.M. That way, all you need to do when you get up is to do a quick face wash and then get on with makeup.

wash and dry wash

  • Sleep in with your hair done – planning on sporting waves or curls for Monday morning? Do your hair in a braid, a bun, a coil or whatever works for you the night before so that when you wake up, all you need to do is let your hair loose and spritz on a good amount of hairspray to hold those lovely curls / waves. This trick is practiced by VS Angel Lily Aldridge and she’s happy with the bombshell waves she gets every time.

slept in

slept in waves

  • Set up your makeup and vanity – one other thing that takes a lot of time in the morning is figuring out where each makeup product or tool you need is. To save time, lay out all the products you’ll need in the morning at night before you go to bed. If you have a set routine, lay each product in the order that you would apply them to your face. Also, clear out the clutter on your vanity so that the only things you have on there are your makeup essentials for the next morning.

vanity makeup vanity

  • Go for products that multitask – reach for this, reach for that, open this, close that – this is another thing that takes a lot of your time in the morning so using one product to do the job of many can really help speed up your routine and save time. BB or CC creams are great as they function as moisturizer and primer at the same time while also giving your great coverage. Check out lip and cheek tints, double ended brushes and highlighting concealers as well. These hybrid products can really make you prep faster.

makeup multitasker makeup

  • Not the time for first times – we all like creating different looks each time and experimenting with different combinations but Monday mornings are just not the time for first times. If you find the winged tip liner really nice but haven’t actually done it yet, don’t attempt to try it out on a busy morning when you’re pressed for time. Stick to your regular makeup routine and to the tricks you know well. Experimenting can leave you with a mess, requiring extra time for clean up and do over’s.

regular makeup look regular makeup