5 Ways to Wear White Makeup

White is not a conventional color you would wear when it comes to makeup but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it when you want to. Though it’s not a very popular choice, white is definitely wearable and there are various ways you can wear it and incorporate it into your everyday look as well as with fantasy kinds of looks. White makeup actually has lots of beneficial uses in beauty / makeup. If you’re curious on how you can use the color white with your beauty routine, check out these cool and useful ways to wear white makeup and start using them in your next look.

  • White eyeliner on the inner corner of eyes – this is a trick that you can use if you want your eyes to look wider, fresher and more awake (like when you’re suffering from a really bad hangover but you have no choice but to still come in to work). Don’t bother sharpening your white pencil liner for this trick, the stubbier it is, the better (and safer, too).

white on inner corners inner corner of eye with white liner

  • White eyeliner as a lip highlight – ever wonder how celebs’ lips always look so well shaped and perfect? The lipstick application technique they or their makeup artists use contributes greatly to this but another thing that improves the appearance of the lips is highlighting it. Use your white eyeliner on your cupids bow and smudge it a little to give your lips more definition. You can also do this under the center of your lower lip for even more definition and to make your lip color really pop.

cupid's bow highlighty

white lip highlight

  • White cream eye shadow underneath other colors – got a gorgeous eye shadow color that’s not as pigmented as you would like it to be? Though you can always build up the color by packing it in or adding more layers, one really easy way to make your eye shadow appear brighter is to use white all over your lids before you apply other colors. Cream color is best for this trick as it will also help your eye makeup stay longer but white powder eye shadow can get the job done too.

silvery white eye shadow white eye liner

  • White eyeliner for the lower waterline – make your eye color pop and get the illusion of bigger eyes by lining your lower waterline with white eyeliner. Again, don’t bother sharpening your white pencil liner. It glides on easier and better when it’s stubby anyway.

fresh eye look lower waterline with white liner

  • White lipstick – yes, there is such a thing as white lipstick and it will come in handy on days when you want to sport a certain color but the one that you have is either too dark or too bold. Use a thin layer of white lipstick before you apply your lipstick and then blend it with your preferred lip color to soften it up. Though more commonly used for costume-y makeup looks, adding white lipstick to your lippie collection may prove to be useful in the future so grab one when you see one the next time you visit the drug store or your favorite makeup counter.

white lipstick white lipstick base