6 Beauty Tricks with Baby Powder

I personally love it when I discover how to use products just lying around the house for things other than what it’s made for. Baby powder, for example, is something we all have around the house but rarely touch (unless you have kids, that is) so I thought I’d share with you there beauty tricks with baby powder that I’ve discovered over the years. These tricks can save you some serious cash and I’m pretty sure they’ll come in handy for you, one way or another.

  • Dry shampoo alternative – dry shampoo is super convenient but it can get super pricey, too, especially if you use it regularly. If you want to save some money, you can use baby powder instead. It works just as well but it’s way cheaper. Part your hair into manageable sections as you would if you were using dry shampoo then sprinkle the talc on the roots, let sit for about 10 to 15 seconds, shake off and move to the next section. Make sure to shake it off and around real well, especially if you have dark hair.

dry shampoo for hair messy hair with dry shampoo second day hair dry shampoo

  • Vamp up your lashes – if you’re like me who just can’t deal with falsies, here’s a quick tip on how you can achieve longer and fuller looking lashes without them. Curl and coat your lashes with mascara, let it dry and brush some baby powder on them. Coat it with one or two more layers of mascara and voila! Longer, fuller lashes without the falsies!

flawless makeup look lash how to gorgeous long lashes lush long lashes

  • Setting powder and makeup primer in one – why keep splurging on expensive primer and setting powder when you can use baby powder? To use it as primer, sweep a thin layer over your face before putting makeup on. To use it as a setting powder, brush just a teeny tiny bit on after putting makeup. It’s as easy as that and it cost you almost nothing.

powder to set makeup

makeup on point flawless makeup look

  • Lipstick sealer – don’t you just hate it when you think you have the most perfect looking lips on In the morning and it ends up being pretty much nonexistent by midday? Make sure it never happens again by sealing your lipstick in using baby powder. Once you’re done applying lipstick, hold a tissue paper up against your lips and dab a bit of baby powder on.  This will also make your lipstick look more matte but not totally flat.

seal lipstick with baby powder semi matte lipstick velvety matte lips

  • Waxing relief – if you love to wax on your own at home, apply baby powder to the areas you are about to wax prior to the actual waxing. This will help the wax get a better grip of all the hairs so you don’t need to do a second take and will also help soothe the skin afterwards.

diy waxing flawless skin

  • Excess oil remover – blotting sheets are pretty effective in getting rid of excess oil on your face but it tends to mess up your makeup too. Instead of using these, you can take your powder brush and dip it in a little bit of baby powder instead then sweep it on to your face. The baby powder will absorb the excess oil without messing up your makeup.

powder for face matte makeup lookmattified makeup look