6 Chic Fall Hairstyles

Fall is the perfect time to relax and let your hair loose. This season, everything clean, classy, chic and laidback is in, especially hairstyles. There are lots of hairstyles that are guaranteed to make you look fabulous this fall and the best thing about this is that they’re very easy to make.

poofy fall hairstyle

One hot trend for fall hairstyles is natural looking waves. There’s no need to use any kind of hair accessory, just let your wavy hair down and you’re ready to go. If you have sleek, straight hair and want to achieve natural looking waves, you can always use your trusty curling iron or even your hair straightener to achieve the waves. There are lots of tutorials you’ll find online just remember to use a heat protectant when dealing with heated hair tools and avoid using mousse or get to hold up your waves because they will only look less natural.

natural loose waves

Another hot fall hairstyle is the ponytail, especially if you wanta more ‘put-together’ look. Your ponytail can be as low or as high as you want and the messier it is, the sexier it looks. However, if you want to look sleek in a ponytail, a fall hairstyle you can try is the high ponytail with a volumized bump. This hairstyle is very popular with Kim Kardashian. It’s perfect for either a casual day or a party night.

kim kardashian ponytail fall hairstyle

side ponytail fall hairstyle

If you want a dressier fall hairstyle, then the messy bun is perfect for you. Effortlessly chic is one way to describe this hairstyle. You can also add a bump to your messy bun or make it more feminine with a headband.

messy bun fall hairstyle

Braids are another type of fall hairstyle that you can try. Frofm the simple and classic French braid to more complicated and intricate ones, braids are definitely one of the go-to fall hairstyles. You can braid your pigtails for a youthful vibe or go for the gorgeous fishtail braid if you have long hair. A braided headband is perfect for keeping hair away from your face.

loose braided pigtails

braided fall hairstyle

However, if you are the busy type of woman, the bob is a fall hairstyle that can keep up with your lifestyle.This hairstyle hardly needs any type of maintenance or styling but it looks super gorgeous.

blonde bob cut fall hairstyle

chic layered bob cut

Lastly, if you want to get away from all the products and hairstyling tools and give your hair a break every once in a while, just let your hair down and keep it neat with either a hair clip, a headband or any other hair accessory of your choice. This is the easiest way to style your hair for fall while keeping it healthy.

chic layered bob cut