6 Fall/Winter Makeup Trends You Can Try Now

Fall and winter gives us an excuse to put up more amount of makeup into our face. Richer, darker colors and shades with more pop! than your typical natural and light hues for the warmer seasons. Even fashion designers go out of their way on putting makeup on their models.

However, as much as we would like to see and be reveled at the bold and experimental cosmetics on the runway, we would also want to know the makeup trends that are easily wearable in our everyday lives. Trends that we could recreate in our homes. Thus, here are 6 makeup trends from the fall/winter fashion collections that you can try right now.


It’s time to stash away those nude and pastel-colored lipsticks of the spring and summer. This season is all about dark and rich lipstick shades. It may not be that much of a shock, seeing as dark-colored lipsticks have always been around during the fall and winter. But with two seasons worth of not being able to wear those dark plums and bold reds, their comeback is as warm as ever.

dark red lipstick | Aelida

Chrissy Teigen dark plum lipstick | Aelida


In seasons when you’re always greeted by that wave of chill the moment you hit the streets, flushed cheeks are not a rarity. But you might as well look like it for the entire day, outdoors or indoors. So keep those bronzers for contouring because you might not need them that much. Go for shades of peach and pink. They give off warmth on your cheeks that’s perfect for these seasons.

blushed cheeks | Aelida

pink blush | Aelida


Filling in your brows completely has never been that appealing to look at. For one thing, it looks like too much effort has been put to it and that’s not the impression that you want to give. Also, it does not look natural at all. That’s why “feathering” your brows exists. For this, you want to draw short, quick strokes that follows the curve of your eyebrow hairs. Then brush your eyebrows upward and out. The result is a pair of brows that looks slightly messed up yet still groomed.

Cara Delevingne feathered brows | Aelida

feathered brows | Aelida


With the somehow unanimous decision among fashion mavens and designers that the seventies is the decade to which they find inspiration for their collection this year, graphic eyeliners are without a doubt present. There are bold graphics like ones inspired from Amy Winehouse and there are also wearable ones for the less daring like simple and perfect winged eyeliner.

black eyeliner | Aelida

Doutzen Kroes black winged eyeliner | Aelida


Here’s the eyeshadow tip among makeup artists in the past A/W 2015 Fashion Week: blend, blend, blend. And if you think you can’t blend any more, keep on blending. The result is a bronzer-diffused eyeshadow. Diffused eyeshadows has this intense, smoky look while still looking soft. It’s a perfect and easy way to look dressed up.

Jourdan Dunn dark eyeshadow | Aelida

blended eyeshadow | Aelida


A little ounce of glimmer, sparkle, and shimmer won’t hurt your face–as long as it’s only a small amount. Thus, having metallic accents blended into your typical eye shadow look will make you look glammed-up and ready for some autumn party.

metallic eyeshadow gold | Aelida

metallic eyeshadow bronze | Aelida