8 Celebrity-Approved Ombré Lips You Need To Try Now

Ombré had been a major beauty trend for a few years now. And ombré has spread throughout the different parts of our lives–from hair to nails, clothes, eye makeups, cakes, and lips. The ombré lip trend has turned extremely bold with the gold combinations, glitters, and even rainbow ombré lip. And most of you might be hesitant in trying this trend out.

Worry no more because here are some celebrity-approved ombré lip looks that might convince you to ride the beauty bandwagon and try this trend out!

Korean Style Ombré Lip

The Asians, particularly the Koreans, have definitely been great contributors to beauty trends known worldwide. And why not? The subtle beauty of their makeup styles and the demureness and innocence it resonates on the wearer is refreshing from all the bold and mature that’s going on elsewhere in the world.

korean ombre lip


This ombré lip, like any Korean-styled makeup, leans more on the subtleness. Most Asians possess this cute pair of small and pouty lips. Outlined with faded pink and a darker, redder pink on the center gives the lips an alluringly kissable appeal.

ombre lip korean


This lip is lined with a nudish shade of pink and a more orange, salmon shade in the center. Again, she’s sticking to a more subtle ombré lip color.

Plum or Berry Ombré Lip

Dark plum or berry shade is a great shade for ombré lip. For one thing, plum or berry is perfect for day out and it is equally perfect for night out. Plus, plum or berry shades are practically perfect for any kind of skin tone. Whether you’re warm or cold, a light or dark skin tone. You can rock it out!

plum ombre jessica alba


Jessica Alba’s plum and nude color combination for an ombré lip is spectacular and definitely head-turning.


plum ombre lip lily collins


I love how Lily Collins takes on the beauty trend on a bolder color but a subtle color combination by matching a matte plum lipstick with a glossier plum.


subtle ombre lip blake lively


Blake Lively’s plum ombré lip is blue-tinted. Lipsticks that are blue-tinted actually makes your teeth white–a wonderful plus when having gorgeous lips, don’t you think?


Red Ombré Lip


red ombre lip cher lloyd


The trick to having this bloody red hue for Cher Lloyd’s ombré lips is to first outline your lips with black lip liner before putting on the two lip color of your choice. This way, the darker outer part of your lips are more obvious for a defined ombré look.


ombre lip vertical emily blunt


Here, Emily Blunt mixed up a bright red lipstick in between a lipstick that is more of the plum shade and it looks stunningly beautiful on her.


ombre lip vertical jena malone


With a more vivid shade of red in the center, the scarlet top and her red hair gives way to her startling blue-green eyes and makes it pop.


Tips and Tricks

If you’re ready to pucker up and rock an ombré lipstick but are still uncertain on where to start, let me give you a few tips and tricks to help you along:

  • Keep the rest of your makeup light. You want everyone to be gazing at your beautiful ombré lips and you don’t want those ombré competing with smokey eyes or colored eyeliners.

ombre lip orange karlie kloss

  • Pencil lip liner is your best friend here. Pencil liners not only defines your lips but also puts down a long-lasting matte base for the lipstick you will be using.

lip line

  • Prep your lips by applying nude-colored lipstick. This, like the pencil liner, will help in keeping your colors in place for the entire day and night. A great alternative will be liquid foundation.

nude lip