9 Beautiful Nail Art Ideas

  • Metallic French tip – the classic French tip is very classy but if you want a more fun and edgy take on this, you can always have a metallic French tip done. This can be achieved by using metallic nail polish or nail foils.silver metallic nails
  • Vintage floral nails
  • retro flower nails vintage floral nails
  • Caviar nails – one of the hottest trends in nail art right now is caviar nails. The name alone sounds so luscious and rich. Ciate introduced this trend along with a DIY kit that came with a slightly expensive price tag but there are lots of cheaper alternatives for this.caviar heart pattern
  • Ombre and gradient nail designsombre nails idea gradient blue nails
  • Lace nail art – lace is not just for clothes anymore. Lace nail art has such a beautiful and intricate design and is perfect if you want your nails to look extremely feminine and dainty and elegant. This nail art design is a great option for wedding nails.lace nails
  • Ombre nail art – ombre is another design that’s not only popular with clothes but with other thngs as well such as hair and nails. Ombre nails are easy to do and they’re a perfect pop of color that you can add to a simple, neutral outfit.ombre glitter
  • Aztec nails – the Aztec print and design is very colorful with lots of little details which is why doing them on nails is so difficult. However, you can skip the hard part and choose to just have it done at the nail salon.aztec nailsgeometric nail design
  • Glossy and matte nails – combining glossy and matte nail polishes into one design can result to a really chic and sophisticated nail art designglossy and matteviolet and gold striped nails
  • Contrast colors and glitter
    white and gold nails
  • Water marble nail art – water marbling is a very creative way to use various different colors in one nail art design. This is perfect for those who want to do their own nail art but aren’t well-versed in painting the nails.water marble nail art
  • Nail decal nail art – for those designs that are too intricate to be painted on nails, nail decals are the perfect solution.giraffe nail decals
  • Newspaper nail art – put those newspaper pages with fancy fonts to good use by incorporating them in your nail art. This look is super easy you can do it yourself at home. newspaper nail art