9 Celebrity Hairstyles To Try

In case you were wondering how to snap out of same-old-ponytail routine, we’ve got just the ticket. We tracked down a few cute celebrity hairstyles that’d make any girl look pretty in a hurry.

You only live once, so ditch your safety net and try one of these celebrity styles.

celebrity hairstyles

What makes Kate Beckinsale’s ponytail modern? A little poufiness on top. After pulling your hair back into a neat chignon, gently tug out and lift up the front, then hit it with hairspray.

kate beckinsale ponytail hair

There’s nothing like a new hair color to make a girl feel like a new woman. Nicole Richie ditched her blond for a gorgeous chocolate brown and one look at her you can sense instant freshness. Love it!

nicole richie brown hair

Taylor Swift has the low-key-yet-glam thing down to a science—a few face-framing curls in the front keep this updo from looking stuffy.

taylor swift updo

If you squint, Gwen Stefani is a dead ringer for Brigitte Bardot in this picture, thanks to a strategically placed hair bump (the nude lips help too). If you don’t have a Bumpit handy, make a side or center part, tease your crown, then spritz it with hairspray. Pull back both sides around the teased section and pin into place.

gwen stefani hair bump

Got texture? Flaunt it! Weren’t born with it? Fake it! For pretty waves like Beyonce’s, apply a bit of leave-in conditioner to damp hair, make braids all over your head, then go to bed. Undo the braids in the morning and separate them with your fingers. Silently thank glamour.com for an amazing hair day.

beyonce hair waves

Got a short cutie-pie haircut like Ginnifer Goodwin? Apply a dime-size amount of smoothing cream to wet hair, then blow-dry as usual. Use a paddle brush to smooth hair to the side for a sleek looks-good-with-every-outfit ‘do.

Ginnifer Goodwin short hair

What to do now that we’ve officially retired the low-rider headband look? Take a cue from Scarlett Johansson and go with a thin headband in basic black. Tease the front of your hair first for volume and to give the band something to grab onto.

Scarlett Johansson headband

No, this isn’t a dancer with the New York City Ballet—it’s January Jones! For her daring bun, make a ponytail way up on top of your head, then braid it. Wrap the braid around the base of the pony and secure with bobby pins. Pirouettes are optional.

january jones braided bun

A sleek blowout is the best way to do justice to a great cut like Anne Hathaway’s. Apply a few drops of shine serum to wet hair, then blow-dry with a round brush, section by section. Do a side part, then tuck a chunk of hair in the front behind your ear. Done!

sleek blowout