A Guide to A Good Weekend Beauty Routine

Weekends are the perfect days to let your skin have a breather. From Monday to Friday, your pile on layer after layer of makeup to make sure you look flawless and presentable at work or at school and, not to mention, at the after-hour parties. There’s really nothing wrong with putting makeup on your face everyday as long as you give your skin enough rest during the weekends. Here’s a quick guide to a good weekend beauty routine that you can use to give your skin that much needed break from all the heavy beauty products you use.

  • Cleanse and moisturize – this is something that you should do not only on weekends but everyday on weekdays as well. Cleansing and moisturizing your skin helps it stay soft and supple. When you have nice and soft skin, it’s easier to put makeup on and the results look more flawless, too. Cleanse your face before you put on makeup and at the end of the day before you plop yourself on to your bed. If you’re the type who’s always out in the sun, make sure that your moisturizer has added SPF in it to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

clean skin moisturize clean skin

  • Have a lighter version of your regular makeup routine – going out on a weekend but still want to give your skin a break from heavy foundation creams? No problem. You can always take out foundation from your makeup routine and swap it with something lighter like a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. These make your skin look better while still not heavily clogging your pores so your skin can still breathe. As for that rosy glow, lip and cheek stains are also lighter compared to lipsticks and powder or even cream or gel blushes.

light makeup look

light makeup

  • Wash your hair properly – if you have a busy weekday lifestyle, chances are that you rarely get to wash your hair. Sometimes, you resort to using dry shampoo because you don’t have the time to wash your hair unless you’re okay with showing up late at school or work. So, on weekends when you have all day to yourself, give you hair a nice wash and maybe even give it a deep conditioning treat. These will bring back life to your hair and make it fresh and ready for the weekdays again.

hair on weekends wash hair

  • Get rid of all unwanted hairs – weekends are the perfect time to shave, pluck and pull out all unwanted hairs on your body. Get your razors, tweezers and shaving cream ready and take all the time you need to get rid of all these hairs.

unwanted hair Clean and fresh skin of woman's underarm - white background

  • Give yourself a beauty treat – treat your skin to some spa-like treatments that you can do at home or, if you have the budget, why not go to an actual spa to rejuvenate your tired skin and body? Facials, facial masks, body scrubs – these are just some of the beauty treats you can get for yourself to bring back your glow that the hectic weekdays have robbed you of.

 beauty treat beauty treat scrub