A Wearable Take on Maleficent Inspired Makeup

Just recently, Angelina Jolie starred in a film called ‘Maleficent’ and, if you’ve watched it, you know how brilliant it was and how stunning Angelina looked as she played one of the most popular and iconic Disney villains. Maleficent is the main villain from the Disney fairytale movie Sleeping Beauty and we couldn’t be happier that they picked Angelina to play the part. Her face was perfect for recreating the character we all only grew to knew through the cartoon and various caricatures in books. Fierce and piercing eyes, razor sharp cheeks, plum and luscious lips that were the color of blood – these were just some of the things that made up Angelina Jolie’s look as Maleficent. At first glance it looks overwhelming and intimidating but as you look further you’ll realize that there is a way to make this look wearable in real life. Check out these tips for a wearable take on Maleficent inspired makeup.

  • Porcelain skin – Maleficent’s complexion is a far cry from that of Angelina Jolie in real life. To get the look, all you need to do is get your skin to look as porcelain-like as possible. It doesn’t need to be as white as Maleficent’s but do try to make it as flawless.

original maleficent look porcelain skin makeup

  • Villain’s brows – Maleficent’s brows are arched high up but you don’t have to go that far if you’re looking for something more wearable. Shape your brows so that they’re slightly thinner than usual and instead of doing a rounded tip at the peak of your arch, do a sharp angle instead. This will give you that signature sinister look.

sharp angled brows

  • Lashes – we love how Angelina Jolie’s lashes as Maleficent aren’t super dramatic like that of other villains in other movies. They are long and curled but you’ll notice that they don’t look heavy or anything at all. If you’re going for a more dramatic look, add single bundles of lashes (trimmed, of course) to your lower lash line. They’re more wearable in real life compared to a full single line.

wearable maleficent makeup everyday makeup look maleficent inspired

  • Contour and highlight the cheeks – if there’s one step you shouldn’t miss when doing a Maleficent inspired makeup look, it’s definitely the contouring and highlighting part. Focus more on contouring but don’t forget to highlight. You’ll need darker contour powder than the one you regularly use for this look. Focus on contouring the hollow of the cheeks that meets the ear. If you have pale skin, you may need to use more than one contour powder color. Make sure the contour is angled starting from the middle of the ear to the corner of your mouth.

maleficent makeup adaptation amazing cheek contour

  • Plump up your lips – plump lips make you look extra sexy and that is why a lot of women are still going gaga over lip plumping gels and serums as well as lipstick and lip stains that contain lip plumping ingredients. There are also a few natural ways to plump up your lips using cinnamon and chili.

long and curled lashes tamer maleficent makeup

  • Fiery red lips – if you’re drooling over Angelina Jolie’s magnificent Maleficent lips, you’re in luck! MAC has come up with a full line of limited edition Maleficent makeup collection and this collection includes all the lip products you need to create the same fiery red lips. Start off by outlining and filling in your lips with lip liner, swipe on some lipstick and top it off with lip gloss and, voila, you’ve got the perfect Maleficent lips!

maleficent makeup inspiration