Add Vintage Glamour to your Long Hair

Some hairstyles never grow old-fashioned. They have sustained despite generations and generations of trend setters over the ages.

Long hair is something to be proud of and has always been coveted. These are some vintage hairstyles for long hair that have stood the test of time.

vintage inspired hair

They are styles that look trendy even today. They have an evergreen quality that makes them look great with just a few variations. A great updo, braids, knots, and back combed hair is a fashion that stays on while other styles come and go. Add a small lacy hairpiece and you are ready for a party.

classic hairstyle

When you talk of vintage hairstyles for long hair you are referring to styles that have gone on for ages. They are hairdos that have not and never will ever grow old-fashioned.

vintage hair

Every subsequent generation has copied the style with a slight modification. These are a few examples of long-haired vintage hairstyles that prove the point.

vintage hairstyles to try

They are versatile enough to go very well with trendy jeans and tees as well as formal party dresses and gowns. A loose updo, partial updos, ponytails, long braids, knots and loose strands whichever way you style long hair it will look great.

classic vintage hair

When searching for new style ideas, sometimes the best place to look is the past. When it comes to hairstyles, especially, there is unlimited inspiration to be found in the curls, twists, and updos our mothers and grandmothers used to wear so well.

vintage styles hair inspiration

Here are vintage hairstyles that look just as fabulous now as they did on flapper girls and ’50s film stars, plus tutorials so you can easily incorporate them into your very modern life.

classic hairstyles

The face of many an iconic film shot and student posters, our Audrey Hepburn probably had the best tresses of her time. Her diamond face shape and striking cheek bones allowed for a variety of memorable hairstyles which have defined today’s red carpet do’s.

examples of vintage style for long hair

With a chic, classic influence, Audrey knew how to play on her best bits – hair piled atop her head in a chignon, or cropped to gamine-length, the movie star could frame her face to perfection.

elegant classic hair

1960s hair styles is all about smooth hair rolling, to get that fabulous big bouffant hairstyle! Good roller setting technique is crucial to success. As with almost all vintage hair setting, it really pays to carefully follow setting patterns, and be neat and tidy. So waves fall exactly where they should.

glamorous long vintage hair