Applying Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes have always been a thing in the beauty world. Lots of women like having blue eyes and some even resort to wearing blue-tinted contact lenses just to have the illusion that that they have blue eyes. There’s something about this eye color that makes a woman’s face even mo attractive and sexy. whether you wear blue contact lenses or have natural blue eyes, it’s important that you know how to use eyeliner for blue eyes if you want to make your blue eyes pop. We’ve got some tips for you:

  • The right eyeliner color – it’s important that you know what color of eyeliner to use when you have blue eyes. Of course, black and brown are always safe choices but when you want something more fun, do you know what your choices are? Eyeliner colors that suit blue eyes best include taupe, purple, lavender, gold, silver, copper, and gray. These colors would also work well as eye shadows on blue eyes.

copper tones for blue eyesblue liner

  • Use purple liner – purple may not be the most conventional color when it comes to lining eyes but they work great for lining blue eyes. This is because purple is a combination of red and blue and purple liners that have blue undertones always bring out the best of blue eyes. To enhance the effect of purple eyeliner for blue eyes, you can don on a light pink eye shadow first and then finish with jet black mascara.

purple eyeliner

purple for blue eyes

  • Dramatic waterline – if you want more drama and emphasis added to your pair of gorgeous blue eyes, try putting eyeliner on your waterline. It takes quite a few tries to get this right and it usually looks best with either gel or liquid liner but you can always start with pencil if you’re not a pro yet.

waterline waterline eyeliner

  • White on the inner corners – white eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes can really help make your eyes look alive and blue eyes benefit greatly from that. aside from making blue eyes look awake, it also intensifies the blue color on your eyes. You can also add white eyeliner on the water line if you want to make your eye color pop but not too dramatically as with a black liner.

white eyeliner white liner on clue eyes

  • When going for blue… – when you want to use blue eyeliner on your blue eyes, you can do it. You just have to remember not to get a shade of blue eyeliner that is deeper than the color of your eyes so that the eyeliner does not take away from the color of the eyes.

blue for blue blue on blue