Ash blonde hair color

 Many celebs choosing Ash blonde hair color, how to find out , if  you can paint your hair ash blonde too?

They say blondes have more fun. But before you turn your hair into flowing gold, you need to consider that there are many types of blonde hair colors, with the most famous being ash blonde and golden blonde. Before deciding which of the two hues to dye on your hair, here are some tips that can save from the mistake of coloring your hair the wrong shade of blonde.

Beautiful long  light ash blonde hair  with  straight bangs

ash blonde long with hair straight bang

Ashe blonde is a hair shade seen in some women and men described by small level of the brown pigment melanin. Ash Blond color is typical in babies and kids very much,so that the phrase “baby blond” is usually used for extremely light-colored hair. A lot of shades of blond hair also have been described more precise.

Dark ash blonde hair color

dark ash blonde angelina
dark ash blonde Angelina Jolie

Platinum blond hair color – is almost white; seen naturally mostly in young children, however occurring unusually among certain grown people,sandy blond – much like beach sand in shade, ash blond – typically very light, with certain ash grey shades,dirty blond hair color – dark blond,golden blond is lighter, with a gold yellow undertone.

ash blonde hair

 Is Ash blonde hair  color for you ?

This hair color ranges from light yellow to almost whitish. This hair color is a result of low levels of melanin. The ash blonde hair color is perfect for women with a pale or freckled complexion, with gold and peach undertones. Women with ruddy complexions can pull the look of an ash blonde bombshell. Women with green, light brown, greenish-blue, and hazel-colored eyes are great candidates for the ash blonde hair color.

ash blonde taylor swift

Once you have dyed your hair ash blonde, you can add highlights to your locks to spice up your look. Contrast is important, so adding highlights of copper, brown or a darker shade of blonde can revamp your hairstyle.

Short light ash blonde hair

ash short hair

Beautiful long layered haircut with side swept bangs and pretty ash blonde hair color.

ash blonde hair long haircut


So many hairstyles complement women with ash blonde hair. You can go for layered locks, or wavy tresses. You can add straight bangs or side-swept bangs. There are so many looks that go for a woman with ash blonde hair.