Cute Bathing suits for body types

bathing suits for body typesFlattering bathing suits for body types – how to choose the perfect one?

It’s summer time and you want to hit the beach to take a dip in the waters and get your tan on. But just like any woman, you’re stressing out with what’s the best bathing suit for your body type. Here’s a guide on styles which can accentuate your features and make you look sexy.

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Hide your belly.

If you’d like to hit the beach and conceal your tummy all at the same time, then your best bet is a belted one-piece bathing suit. This belt makes you look sexier because it cinches your waist, creating the illusion of a slender hourglass figure.

Bathing suits for pear shaped body type

bathing suits for pear shaped body

Do you want to slim your hips?

If you have too much ‘junk in the trunk,’ make sure you wear a bathing suit bottom with ring embellishments on the front. Not only are they cute, they also prevent your bottoms from riding up every time you ride with the waves. With this bottom, you won’t end up accidentally showing too much of your half-moons in the beach.

Bathing suits for apple shaped body type

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Athletic built?

If you want have a ‘girlier’ figure in the beach, then you need to wear a bathing suit with feminine accents such as frills and ruffles. This can add a dimension of sexiness to your athletic shoulders. You can also try a top with a belt or cinching at the waist to give an illusion of a sexier shape.

Make your waist longer.

Elongate your torso by wearing a swimsuit with a plunging neckline. If you’re afraid of having a wardrobe malfunction while swimming, choose a style with reinforcements in the middle such as rings and tie-up laces.

bathing suits for apple shape bodyDo you want to boost your bust?

So you’re not as endowed as your 36D friend. But you can make it look like you have big mounds by wearing bikini tops with frills and ruffles. This style gives the illusion that you have a bigger bosom because of the illusion of volume brought about by the frills and ruffles.

Bikini for petite girls

bikini with ruffles

Another top that can make your bust look bigger is one with an underwire, so it can push up your bosoms and make an illusion that you are more endowed than usual.

Big bosoms?

big breasts  bikini

Yes, you’re lucky because you’re blessed with ample bosoms, but if you wear the wrong type of bathing suit, you might end up flashing the beach crowd accidentally. Prevent this wardrobe malfunction from ever happening by wearing a V-neck, one-piece bathing suit. This reveals just the right amount of cleavage, and elongates your torso, making your bust ‘less full’ than usual.

It is not hard  to find suitable  bathing suits for body types  if you take your time and will follow this guide.