Be Effortlessly Fab with a Pin Up Hairstyle

Hairstyles are meant to be flaunted and worn with the motive of getting applauding nods and praise from onlookers. Therefore, a lot of women want to sport hairstyles that are considered to be catchy and charming.

Most of them look up to the celebrities in this regard and copy their hairdo in the hope that they will also get the eye balls just the way their fashion icons are getting.

stylish pin up hair

Well, the formula works and is certainly helpful but there is one more breed which is more popular in the masses than the actresses and celebrities.

pin up hairstyle

Any Guess? Well, they are the pin-up girls. They are also equally and at times, even more admired and adored by the people. Now, it goes without saying that the pin-up girl hairstyles are also a hit and eye catchy; what women want to achieve with their hairdo.

pin up model hairstyle

You must check them out to get some groovy ideas to style your hair. They have all kinds of shades; sober as well saucy. You can pick any of them depending on your taste and the look you want to flaunt. So, here starts the show. Come on in and get involved.

pin up hair

Whether it’s for fun, Halloween, a party or just because, a pinup hairstyle is a fun way to wear your hair! Retro Inspired Hairstyles are making a comeback and are seen everywhere from runways to the red carpet!

retro inspired hairstyle

Ladies can kill two beauty birds with one stone if they want a glam look by using pin up hairstyles. These styles give your mane some retro flair, all while keeping it looking sleek, controlled and elegant.

glamorous pin up hairstyle

Perfecting the pin up look can be quite challenging when considering everything that goes into the transformation from ‘plain jane’ to pin up perfection! The clothes, the shoes, the makeup, and probably the most time-consuming…the hair.

red pin up hair

Even the most seasoned pin up girl sometimes takes short-cuts and has their stylist do their hair when pressed for time; especially when trying to get oneself organized for a particular event or show in between all the other time-consuming aspects of a girl’s life like work. But for every other occasion, most girls actually do ‘do’ their hair themselves!

retro inspired hair

It’s not rocket science when it comes to figuring out why pin-up girls landed in the lockers of G.I.’s during World War II. They were hot. Period. In fact, these sexy doe-eyed divas served as the glamorous standard bombshell for decades to come—and not just because of their scantily clad bods.

pin up style

To get the look without slipping on a pair of hot pants, we suggest focusing on the hairstyle and going for the classic ’40s wave. It’s a heck of a lot easier to pull off than, say, those skimpy shorts.

classic 40's pin up hair