Be fierce with Tube Dresses

There are many new fashion trends to consider this summer and it can be overwhelming to stay up to date with them all.

Even the biggest clothes hounds out there have trouble keeping up in the world of women’s fashion so don’t be discouraged!

cute tub dress

We are here to help you focus on some of the most successful and versatile trends fashion designers like Elan International have released. As you likely already know, the moment the warm weather hits women everywhere search their closets for their long lost summer dresses!

tube dress


Dresses are definitely one of the most comfortable and versatile summer fashion pieces and within this article we are going to specifically discuss the new tube dress.

sexy tube dress

The tube dress has only very recently entered the women’s casual clothing industry so you may not be familiar with this trend as of yet. The tube top has long been a summer favourite and designers have taken this concept and lengthened it into a casual wear dress.

formal tube dress

This casual dress is essentially a long tube top! This tightly fitted dress can be worn by nearly every woman today because it has been designed to accentuate the right areas while unintentionally hiding the flaws we all hate to see. Plus size women can definitely take advantage of this dress as well if you are comfortable enough with your body.

tube dress tea length

When it comes to tube dresses, many people lean towards patterns and designs in order to hide flaws in the figure. Tie dye is a fashion trend that has made a triumphant comeback and the tube dress has not neglected this particular popular pattern.

pink formal tube dress

Floral patterns as well as stripes are very popular today and can be found within the tube dress as well. Just as with any summer dress layering and accessorizing can easily be done with this dress by Elan International.

tube dress with patterns

Belts can work to help break up the tube dress for some definition; the more unique the belt the better! We always suggest cropped sweaters of a solid color when layering on a pattered tube dress to help balance the outfit.

simple tube dress

Now, as you learn more and more about this fashion style, your first thought may likely be related to the tightness of the dress.

teal colored tube dress

The summer is really the best time to experiment with new styles and trends and the best thing about these tube dresses is that they are made to be so affordable that anyone can afford to buy one so they know for sure how they feel about the trend.

red tube dress

Long cardigans designed for summer may be a great way to shield your figure if you are feeling too modest in this ensemble. The burn out materials is perfect for summer but still provide the coverage you may be searching for.