Beautiful Celebrities Who Have Dark Red Hair

Not a lot of people are bold and brave enough to wear dark red hair, especially those who have been coloring their hair in the same color and shade for so long. Sometimes, it’s just too scary to leave your comfort zone and go on with experimenting with different hair colors because it’s a long term commitment. However, sometimes, we need a slight tinge of change in our looks to keep us from looking boring and dated. Here are some beautiful celebrities who can inspire and convince you to get dark red hair:

  • Alyson Hannigan – Alyson rose to popularity when she took part in the hit series Buffy and the Vampire Slayer and then again in the film series American Pie but what really got her so famous was when she landed one of the major roles in the TV series How I Met Your Mother where she played the part of Lily Aldrin. Alyson isn’t a natural redhead but she’s had red as her hair color for so long that she became known for it. Occasionally, she likes to change up the hues from light to dark but dark red hair is what really looks best on her.

alyson hannigan hair alyson hannigan

  • Ellie Kemper – Ellie Kemper is an actress, comedian and writer who is best known for her role in the TV series The Office as Erin Hannon. Ellie Kemper’s dark and chestnut-y hair color is just to die for. It always looks so shiny and bouncy, we sometimes wonder how she manages to keep her hair so healthy looking despite all the damage it gets from styling.


 elli kemper

elli kemper hair

  • Ariana Grande – actress, singer and song writer Ariana Grande is one of the younger stars in Hollywood who chose to go red. Despite wearing her hair in a color so far from her natural hair colors, though, Ariana managed to make herself look classy instead of trashy. Maybe it’s her cute, innocent and angelic face; we don’t know for sure. All we know is that Ariana is one gorgeous redhead.

ariana grande hair ariana grande

  • Megan Fox – honestly, who doesn’t get jealous of Megan Fox at least every once in a while? This sexy celebrity is just so fearless when it comes to reinventing her looks, she’ll try anything and everything! In the picture below, Megan is seen wearing her hair in a dark red color that’s indeed perfect for her skin tone.

 megan fox megan fox hair

  • Emma Stone – you know you’re a style icon when you’re always on the top list for trends in beauty and style and Emma Watson is no less than that. Her gorgeous face and snow white skin is the perfect complement to her dark red hair.

emma stone emma stone hair