Beautiful Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes Going Blonde

Your hair is your crowning glory; this is something that we’ve all heard of before. But other than that, did you know that your hair actually says a lot about you? Your hair can be a testimony of our personality, your style and sometimes, even your age! Taking care of your hair is one thing but making sure that it looks gorgeous and that it reflects who you are is another.

One easy way to change up your looks is to color your hair. Going from one color to another can give you a different look and aura every single time. If you’re a redhead or brunette, you might have always wondered what you would look like if you were blonde. Those soft looking, golden, luscious locks are just too tempting not to try out at least once in your life. Here are some beautiful hair color ideas that you can choose from if you ever decide to go for the gold and go blonde. These ideas are also great for those who are already blonde but would like a different shade.

  • Bronde – it may sound funny but it’s actually a cross between brunette and blonde. This shade of blonde is perfect for when you’re torn between staying a brunette or going blond or even vice versa. This shade of blonde looks dominantly brown but has the perfect balance of golden blonde. Hairstylists, even those to the  stars, admit that this is one of the most difficult hair colors to achieve and perfect.

taylor bronde

lauren conrad bronde

bronde hair

  • Blonde Ombre – another great idea for when you want to color your hair blonde but not entirely. The combination of blonde and another hair color in ombre style will make it look like your hair color just grew out. You can have it done fresh or you could just naturally let your hair color grow out and have the crown or top colored. Hairstylists should know how to blend the colors well.

blonde ombre

lauren conrad ombre

ombre blonde

  • Buttery Blonde – so you’ve finally decided to go all blonde, how do you go about getting the perfect blonde hair from being brunette, you ask? Go buttery blonde. This is basically a bright golden color mixed with light brown highlights like hazel, caramel or honey. This is great for brown eyes which is what most brunettes usually have. Perfect, luscious blonde hair yours at last.

butter blonde

butter blonde hair

perfect blonde

Whatever shade of blonde you choose to color your hair in, always ask your hairstylist about the products recommended for your new hair color as well as hair care. Blonde may need a little bit more of special attention but it’s oh so worth it.