Beautiful Hairstyles that Start with a Ponytail

The easiest and most basic hairstyle we first learn to do as kids is the ponytail. The simple and humble ponytail may seem very ordinary but did you know that there are actually lots of different gorgeous hairstyles that you can do using the ordinary ponytail as its base? Yes, there’s more to the ponytail than just a simple way to keep hair off our faces. Here are some of the simplest and easiest beautiful hairstyles that you can do with your ponytail.

  • Fancy ponytail – there’s really not much to do here but the end result is so gorgeous. In fact, it’s such a gorgeous look that a lot of celebrities often wear it on the red carpet with their elegant and fancy gowns. To do this, simply tie your hair in a ponytail as high as you could and then start curling section by section. It’s super simple and quick you’ll be looking extra fab in no time.

fancy super high ponytail fancy ponytail fancy high ponytail

  • The bow hairstyle – this hairstyle is simply a cute bow made out of your own hair. It was popularized by Lady Gaga and copied by many other celebrities including Katy Perry. The bow hairstyle may look complicated at first but when you learn how to do it, it’s actually quite easy and it all starts with a ponytail!

bow hair style bow hairstyle

  • Classic bun – the classic bun is one of the most elegant and classic hairstyles that we know of. It can be worn high up but it can also be worn low. The classic bun can also be worn on the side for a much younger and more fun look. it’s another one of those beautiful hairstyles that can be done either in a messy way or a very sleek way, depending on where you are wearing it to. The classic bun can be done simply by gathering your hair in a ponytail, twisting it and then coiling it around and securing it with bobby pins. It’s very easy and it look super chic.

classic bun classic hair bun classic simple

  • Braided bun – if you want something that’s both quick and classy, the braided bun is perfect for you. This hairstyle can be done as sleek as you want or as messy as you want, it doesn’t really matter, the results are still gonna be awesome. To do this, simply tie your hair in a ponytail and braid then secure your braid with an elastic and twist around to form the bun. loosen up your braids before your put it in a bun if you want more volume to it.

 braided bun hairstyle braided bun