Beauty Gifts to Give Your Single Friends on Valentine’s Day

If you’ve ever watched Sex and the City, you know how important your girl friends are. True friendship doesn’t come easy and when you’ve found friends who have stayed true to you through your ups and downs, you know they’re your soul sisters to keep. Even if you have a beau to be with on V-day, make sure you don’t forget about your single friends. Make them feel the love on that special day by giving them a little something to remind them that, even though they haven’t found the man of their dreams just yet, there is someone who loves them and treasures them and that’s you! And since every girl loves beauty treats, why not check out some of our ideas on beauty gifts to give your single friends on Valentine’s Day? These are little gifts that every girl is sure to love.

  • Gift cards from their favorite beauty bars / stores – you may have known your friends all your life and you may know what they like and don’t like but sometimes, it’s just better to let them choose which gift they want to receive for certain occasions like Valentine’s Day. To let them choose their gift freely without handing them cash (which is just too crude and awkward), why not give them gift cards from their favorite beauty bars / beauty stores? It doesn’t have to be a $1000 gift card, even a $50 GC would get them little beauty treats that they’ll enjoy.

gc shopping makeup gc shopping gc

  • Makeover – even if you look and feel fine, getting your hair trimmed or having someone else do your hair or makeup for the day can be really pampering and relaxing. Why not take your single friends with you and get yourselves a nice makeover from your favorite salon? It will make them feel good and it’s your way of being one step closer to being ready for that date later on tonight so it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

makeover gift makeover trip makeover

  • Beauty bundles – hand out amazing gifts by shopping for little treats and trinkets for your single friends on Valentine’s Day and putting together a beauty bundle that they can use to relax and pamper and prettify. Stores like LUSH and Sephora have pre-bundled Valentine’s Day gifts that you can conveniently purchase and give but if you want something customized for each friend, get travel size / sample size products and throw in 1 or 2 full size ones and then put them together in a pretty container and give them to your friends.

bundle bundle baskey

  • Girls’ day out – so you have a Valentine’s dinner date with the beau later, well why not spend your time before that with your single ladies? Go out and chat over coffee, watch that chick flick you’ve both been dying to see at the theaters, grab a quick bite for lunch, go shopping (or window shopping if you’re on a budget), pop by the spa for a massage or get your mani and pedi at the nail salon – it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you give her / them a bit of your time on Love Day.

day out shopping day out spa