Beauty Issues at the Office and How to Fix Them

In the morning, a huge portion of our time goes to preparing ourselves and doing hair and makeup which is why sometimes, it can get frustrating when you discover and have to face beauty issues while at work. I mean, what was all the prepping for, right? What’s even more irritating is that, often, we don’t have what we need in our makeup bag to fix such beauty issues. Good thing, though, women are great at improvising. If you haven’t already figured out a way to solve some of these beauty problems you encounter at work, check out these beauty issues at the office and how to fix them. I’m pretty sure you’ll find one or two that you could really use.

  • Straight lashes – whether it’s because you forget to curl them at home or you just have stubborn lashes that won’t stay curled for long periods of time, having straight lashes is just not as sexy and pretty as having curled lashes. Well, you may say, that’s easy, just bust out your lash curler and curl them up again. But what if you don’t have an eyelash curler? Grab a spoon. Yes, a spoon can be used to curl your lashes. Heat it up by dipping it in hot water or putting it directly under the bulb of your desk lamp and then use the concave side against your lashes then lift and curl.

sensational curled lashes long full lashes

  • Frizzy hair – bad hair day? You can’t keep wearing that hat while you’re in the office you know. If you don’t have hair serum with you, use your hand cream / lotion and apply it on your hair to smooth it out. Focus on the tips rather than the roots so that you don’t end up with greasy hair. If your hand cream / lotion is too thick, add a drop or two of water to dilute it and then apply.

smooth shiny hair

blonde frizzy hair

  • Oily hair – if you’re working later than expected or staying at the office late waiting for a meeting or whatnot and you notice your hair starting to get greasy, just sprinkle on some talcum powder to absorb the grease / oil. Make sure you shake it off thoroughly after, especially if you have dark colored hair. Otherwise, you may end up looking like you’re faking some gray hair.

lovely hair color tyra banks hair

  • Runny mascara – whether it’s because you got emotional or you sweated so much when you went outside the airconditioned room, having runny mascara is never pretty and never appropriate for work. Get rid of raccoon eyes by wetting a small bit of paper towel with warm water and then dabbing it where your mascara has smeared. Touch up with concealer if you have some in your purse.

slightly runny mascara look perfect mascara makeup

  • Dry, blotchy and patchy skin – centralized air conditioning at work can take a toll on your skin. You may notice that by midday, your skin starts to feel dry and look blotchy and flaky. Now, your first instinct may be to dab on more foundation or concealer – don’t! instead, use a bit of whatever cream / lotion you have on hand and dab it on the area(s) that are starting to flake.

smooth glowing skin flawless face makeup