Beauty Issues You Can Fix With Makeup

We as women have a lot of beauty issues that we wish we could fix in an instant and I think that’s why we love makeup so much. Makeup is such a great tool to use to enhance our natural assets as well as to conceal and correct our flaws. As a woman, I’m pretty sure there were times when you looked in the mirror and noticed something off about your looks. I, too, experience the same thing every now and then. Good thing, though, we have makeup that we can use to address these issues. Check out these beauty issues you can fix with makeup and tell us what other beauty issues you have and how you use makeup to solve them.

  • One eye bigger than the other – though all of us have one eye bigger than the other, some women just seem to have this issue more obvious than they would like. If you think that one of your eyes is noticeably bigger than the other one, just use makeup to fix it. White eyeliner usually helps in making the eyes look bigger so you can use that to make the smaller eye appear bigger and more similar to the other one. Mascara also helps open up your eyes and make it look bigger so both eyes can look identical.

almond shaped symmetrical eyes simple eye makeup look

  • One brow arched higher than the other – another symmetry issue a lot of women have is with their brows. If you pluck, shave and shape your brows on your own, chances are that there will be times when you shape one arched slightly higher than the other or one arched while the other one lays almost plain flat. To fix this, use your eyebrow pencil and shadow to make both eyebrows look symmetrical.

perfectly done brows

brow shaping trick

  • Uneven skin tone – don’t you just hate how sometimes your skin looks like it has patches of skin that’s either lighter or darker than your normal skin tone? Uneven skin tone is another beauty issue a lot of women have. Although there are products out there that are meant to correct uneven skin tone, most of them take a while to produce great results. For a quicker and more instant alternative, you can cover up your uneven skin tone with BB/CC cream or foundation. Make sure to get the right shade, though. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with an unnatural look.

flawless makeup spotless skin look

  • Pimples, acne and scars – we get pimples and break out for a number of reasons but whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure: pimples, acne and scars are never a pretty sight to look at. Some women have heavier break outs than others and sometimes it can lower your self confidence but it doesn’t always have to. You can hide pimples, acne and scars using a concealer. Just dab it on the affected areas, blend and see how your beauty issues fade away.

bare faced jessica alba well concealed blemishes

  • Dry, dull skin – dry skin can range anywhere from just looking dull to being flaky and we usually get the worst dry skin situation during winter when the air is cold and drying. You can always use moisturizer to get softer and more supple skin but if you also want your skin to look glowing, you can use makeup. Go for makeup that has a pearlescent finish to give your skin a dewy look. Using highlighter and bronzer also helps in achieving that healthy skin glow.

soft dewy makeup fresh dewy look