Beauty Mistakes that Make You Look Older

Makeup is meant to highlight your assets and enhance your beauty, not make you look older. However, beauty blunders are sometimes inevitable and a lot of these mistakes can cost you your good looks, leaving you looking way older than you care to admit. Certain beauty tricks only work on specific skin types or with specific skin issues and if used incorrectly, these beauty tricks may back fire. Here are common beauty mistakes that make you look older than you really are.

  • Layers and layers of foundation – if you’re looking for a surefire way to age, go ahead and pile up on foundation until you hit pan. If you think that covering up your facial flaws with tons of foundations makes you look flawless, you’re wrong. Putting on thick foundation makes you at least 5 years older. If you want to achieve a more youthful look, cover flaws with really good concealer and opt for sheer coverage foundation instead. Other options you have for a more youthful flawless face include tinted moisturizers and BB or CC creams.

foundation mistake foundation


  • Heavy black liner – heavy, dark black liner may seem chic when you’re younger but as you age, this look can be quite difficult to pull off. Avoid wearing dark black eye liner and opt for softer grays or browns instead. Also try to stay away from heavily pigmented ones like liquid and gel liners and go for pencils instead. Heavy eye liner makes you look older because it’s so bold that it draws attention to the eyes, bringing focus on to the wrinkles and fine lines around it.

heavy eyeliner

heavy liner

  • Tanning under the sun – while the chemicals found in self tanners are damaging, getting the tan the natural way is no good either, unless you load up on protection for your skin. The sun’s beam contains harmful UV rays that can expedite skin aging and cause damage to it. Aside from that prolonged sun exposure can also give you permanent dark spots as well as loss of skin elasticity. You can protect your skin with broad spectrum sunscreen every day, regardless of whether the sun is brightly shining or not outside and of course, putting on extra sun protection when you plan on basking for longer periods under the sun.

tanning tan


  • Blush on the apples of the cheeks – this was an old technique that’s now considered phased out. However, some of the older women still like to do their blush this way because this is the way they’re used to doing it. And, guess what? Doing the same can make you look older too! This is not only because older women are doing it but because applying blush on the apples of your cheeks emphasizes sagging.

blush blush mistake

  • Mismatched lip liner and lipstick color – there was actually a time when darker lip liner and lighter lipstick was considered the ‘in’ thing to do. Today, though, that’s not the trend anymore and doing so will only make you look like an old lady with outdated makeup techniques. Make sure your lip liner color matches your lipstick color closely so that it appears natural.

mismatched matching lipstick and liner